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  1. tca 2016
    Starz CEO on Outlander: It Will ‘Be Around for a While’He just needs to get around to reading books five and six first.
  2. message control
    Chris Albrecht Does Not Have a Problem With Alcohol, Okay?The current Starz CEO explains that alcohol had nothing to do with his forced resignation from HBO — it was all the ladies.
  3. exclusive
    Has Starz Found Its Sopranos?The pay network is adapting the Australian hit series ‘Underbelly.’
  4. the industry
    Starz Developing Spartacus: Blood and Sand Prequel
  5. the industry
    Alanis Morissette Cashes In On Her ‘My Humps’ SuccessPlus industry news on Jon Favreau, Gerard Butler, and Chris Albrecht’s new Showtime show.
  6. the early-evening news
    Barry Manilow and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Don’t Fall in LovePlus: News about Michael Bay and Will Ferrell!
  7. the industry
    Chris Albrecht Rises Again, As Does ‘Sex and the City’?strong>Albrecht Moving Toward Sex Onscreen?: Deposed HBO head Chris Albrecht is reportedly working behind the scenes to get a Sex and the City movie produced. Cast is ready, creator Michael Patrick King is ready, and Albrecht is assembling distributors. Albrecht will also appear in a cameo as “Abusive Guy in Casino.” [Variety]
  8. the industry
    HBO’s Albrecht Resigns at Gunpoint
  9. the industry
    ‘Lost’ Announces Endgame