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    Chris Bauer on True Blood, Addiction, and Moles“Oh! There’s a little mole that just fell in my pool. I gotta get this out.”
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    True Blood’s Chris Bauer on Faery FatherhoodAlso, more Bon Temp incest.
  3. Paul Lieberstein Has Even More Office Details to SpillThe Office hints and spoilers are just racking up. The latest is this interview with Paul Lieberstein, who says that the “rotating center” of […]
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    True Blood’s Chris Bauer on His Limited Screen Time, Andy Bellefleur’s Ancestry, and V’s Real-Life Drug Equivalent“Basically, it’s anything but pot.”
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    True Blood’s Detective Bellefleur Is Getting Back in Shape“After the second season of ‘True Blood,’ where my character had so let himself go, life was imitating art, big time.”