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  1. beef
    Frank Ocean Is Still Not a Chris Brown FanJoin the club.
  2. the law
    Drake and Chris Brown Do Not Owe $16 Million for That Bottle FightNow we’ll never know what Drake’s note said.
  3. the law
    Chris Brown Facing Criminal Charges After a Hit and RunHe denies it.
  4. holograms
    We Regret to Inform You That Chris Brown Made an Aaliyah HologramDrake is crying somewhere.
  5. convenient timing
    It’s Chris Brown Apology Week, Also Known As ‘Chris Brown Has a New Album’ WeekHis new single is out, too. Convenient!
  6. take backs
    Adele Likes Chris Brown After AllOh.
  7. frozen moments
    One Last Grammys Photo: Adele Yells at Chris Brown [Updated]Go Adele.
  8. accidents
    Chris Brown Crashed His Car Into a WallHe’s all right.
  9. beef
    The Frank Ocean–Chris Brown Police Report Is Pretty UglyAs you’d expect.
  10. braking news
    The Politics of Hollywood ParkingIt’s a wonder more famous people don’t get into Chris Brown–Frank Ocean brawls over a space.
  11. beef
    Frank Ocean Says He Forgives Chris Brown and Won’t Press ChargesTaking the high road, then.
  12. team beefy
    Frank Ocean Looking to Press Charges Against Chris BrownAnd more updates on the brawl.
  13. beef
    Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Threw Down [Updated]At a recording studio in L.A.
  14. ugh
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Will Never Stop Trolling This EarthThey’re getting lovey on Instagram.
  15. twitter wars
    Chris Brown’s Twitter Is No MoreHe shut it down after a vicious squabble with a hater.
  16. damn!
    So, Here’s That New Rihanna–Chris Brown SongOf course, it’s called “Nobody’s Business.”
  17. choices
    You Can Probably Guess Who Is Featured on Rihanna’s New AlbumYup, it’s him.
  18. oof
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Sat Together at Last Night’s Jay-Z ShowOof.
  19. love
    Report: Rihanna and Chris Brown Made Out in PublicNo.
  20. the law
    Drake and Chris Brown Can’t Stop Getting Sued for That Bottle FightHere comes another one.
  21. bombshells
    Rihanna Tells Oprah About Her Current and Eternal Love for Chris Brown“We love each other and we probably always will.”
  22. feelings
    So This Rihanna-Oprah Interview Is Going to Be EmotionalThere’s crying.
  23. the law
    That Bottle Fight Could Cost Drake and Chris Brown $16 MillionThey got sued.
  24. trailer mix
    Battle of the Year Trailer: Sawyer From Lost vs. Chris BrownSon of a …
  25. the charts
    Chris Brown Has the No. 1 Album in AmericaLook at your choices.
  26. feuds
    Chris Brown Remix Takes Aim at Drake“One on one, what you scared bruh?”
  27. showdowns
    Drake, Chris Brown Offered $1 Million Each to Box It OutIf only this could actually happen.
  28. the law
    Tony Parker Is Suing Over the Drake–Chris Brown FightFor $20 million.
  29. showdowns
    Meek Mill Says No One Famous Threw a Bottle at Chris Brown“It’s other people that be around.”
  30. bar brawls
    Police Did Not Arrest Drake Last Night Over the Chris Brown Club BrawlBut the drama is sure to continue.
  31. showdowns
    Chris Brown Has ‘Physical Evidence’ Proving Drake Was in That FightA shredded sweater?
  32. showdowns
    Drake and Chris Brown Maybe Got in a Bar Fight Last Night [Updated]Possibly over Rihanna.
  33. unreal talk
    Rihanna Stumped by Chris Brown Remix Controversy“It never occurred to me how this was going to be a problem.”
  34. chris brown
    Chris Brown Lil Wayne, ‘What Your Girl Like’Does Chris Brown sleep?
  35. chris brown
    Chris Brown, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Til I Die’Please stay far away from the New York Magazine offices, Chris Brown.
  36. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Karmin Rapped Busta RhymesPlus: Some funny banter with Stephen Colbert and Alan Alda, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  37. chris brown
    Watch a Fake iPhone Commercial With Chris BrownGuess he doesn’t like tomato soup?
  38. dj khaled
    DJ Khaled, ‘Take It to the Head’Somewhere, Kanye West is weeping quietly.
  39. chris brown
    Listen to a New Chris Brown Song, ‘Bitch I’m Paid’Don’t quit your day job the singing-and-dancing-and-not-rapping thing.
  40. nicki minaj
    Nicki Minaj, ‘Right by My Side’Team Nas till the end!
  41. letters
    Russell Simmons Has Some Choice Words for Rihanna’s Exes“Get off Rihanna’s D*ck!”
  42. fighting
    Rihanna Is Maybe Mad at Chris Brown AgainShe unfollowed him, at least.
  43. brandy
    Listen to Brandy’s New Song With Chris Brown, ‘Put It Down’Brandy meets Breezy.
  44. rihanna
    Rihanna’s Live, Slow Jam ‘We Found Love’Well, that’s one way to keep Chris Brown at a distance.
  45. explanations
    Rihanna Talks Chris Brown Backlash: ‘I’m Still Going to Do What I Want to Do’It’s all pretty much on message.
  46. dj khaled
    Listen to a New Song by DJ Khaled featuring Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, ‘Take It to the Head’The scariest people, all on one track!
  47. comebacks
    Rihanna, Chris Brown May Reunite on Aussie Supafest Stage U.S. source: “It’s a definite possibility.”
  48. clickables
    Hear Nicki Minaj’s ‘Right by My Side,’ Featuring Chris BrownFrom Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.
  49. explanations
    Rihanna on the Chris Brown Collaborations: ‘It’s Music, and It’s Innocent’And it was her idea.
  50. chris brown
    Meet Chris Brown, ‘American Superhero’Can Chris Brown beat up cartoons? (Yes.)
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