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Chris Christie

  1. last night on late night
    Chris Christie Explains That Super Tuesday Face“This is what you would look like if you were standing behind Jay Leno.”
  2. equal time
    Trump Rivals Can Get 12 Minutes of NBC AirtimeThanks to FCC rules.
  3. mark your calendars
    Trevor Noah Announces His First Week of Daily Show GuestsA comedian, a musician, a CEO, a presidential candidate.
  4. ‘SNL’ Review: Drake Gives 2014 a Fresh StartSeason 39 has not exactly been kind to SNL. As we explained in our midseason review, the show seems to have surrendered to its “transition […]
  5. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Jared Gilman, Kenneth LonerganAn official excuse to stay indoors.
  6. jersey shore
    New Jersey Governor Tries to Pass Off Blame for Jersey Shore Kids to New YorkChris Christie is totally uninvited from chicken-cutlet night.