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  1. reboots
    That Gremlins Reboot Is HappeningAccording to Chris Columbus.
  2. A ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel Is in the Works with Robin Williams AttachedTHR reports that a sequel to the 1993 Robin Williams-in-drag comedy Mrs. Doubtfire is currently in the works at Fox 2000, with Williams […]
  3. sequels
    A Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Is in the WorksBoth Robin Williams and Chris Columbus are attached.
  4. Warner Brothers Has Reportedly Fast-Tracked a ‘Gremlins’ RebootIn case you aren’t satisfied with the upcoming big-screen returns of Police Academy, The Goonies, The Pink Panther, Fletch, Naked Gun, and […]
  5. casting couch
    Adam Sandler to Comically Fail to Kill HimselfAnd get haunted by ghosts!
  6. Adam Sandler to Play a Suicidal Man Who Can See Ghosts in His Next MovieAdam Sandler is remaking his first Korean supernatural comedy. THR reports that Sandler has signed on to star in and produce Hello Ghost with […]
  7. harry potter
    Watch the Harry Potter Actors Discuss DirectorsHey, it’s an adjustment.
  8. movies
    Chris Columbus Producing Movie About Young JesusHe makes Harry Potter look lightweight.
  9. Chris Columbus Will Direct a Remake of The RiflemanThe original series aired in the 1950s.
  10. the industry
    Scott Rudin Adds Stieg Larsson to His BookshelfPlus: ‘True Blood’ gets its Alcide!
  11. the industry
    Catherine Zeta-Jones in Talks to Star in World’s Most Ridiculous FilmPlus: Jack Ryan rebooted?
  12. the industry
    Is Paul Greengrass Going on ‘Trial’ in Steven Spielberg’s Place?Plus: Philip Seymour Hoffman directs Cate Blanchett’s husband’s play.
  13. the industry
    Hayden Panettiere to Play a CheerleaderPlus, Vincent Gallo’s demented new movie!