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    Chris Cornell’s Posthumous Final Album, No One Sings Like You Anymore, ReleasedFeaturing covers of John Lennon, Prince, and more, recorded in 2016.
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    All 134 Soundgarden Songs, RankedTwo years after Chris Cornell’s death, we revisit the band’s imposing discography.
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    Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil Talks About Putting Together the Chris Cornell Box Set“We didn’t like traditional song-structure arrangements. We weren’t interested. Otherwise, I’d go do something else. I’d be a dishwasher.”
  4. vulture lists
    Tom Morello: 12 Essential Post-Rage Against The Machine SongsDon’t forget about the time he played on basically an entire Bruce Springsteen record.
  5. Another Grammys, Another Year of Confusing Rock NominationsIt’s getting harder and harder to define what rock is supposed to be.
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    Chris Cornell’s Daughter Beautifully Sang ‘Hallelujah’ in Memory of Her DadTry not to get too teary.
  7. suicide
    Chester Bennington Collaborators Downplay Connection to Chris Cornell’s Suicide“It’s kindling, but the fire was already burning.”
  8. Chris Cornell’s Voice Transcended GenerationsChris Cornell was an evocative writer who resonated even when he wasn’t trying.
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    All the Best Chris Cornell Tributes You Missed This WeekendMany of Cornell’s peers covered his music in honor of the late grunge icon.
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    Chris Cornell’s Wife, Vicky, Disputes Coroner’s Suicide RulingThe family believes Chris’s suicide was accidental.
  11. Reckoning With the Weight of Chris Cornell’s LyricsChris Cornell’s lyrics pointed to a troubled mind, but should we read into them?
  12. 10 Amazing Vocal Performances From Soundgarden’s Chris CornellThe Soundgarden and Audioslave front man was a defining figure of the grunge scene and one of the best rock vocalists we had.
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    Watch Chris Cornell’s Final Performance With SoundgardenThe band members were working on a new album.
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    Soundgarden and Audioslave Singer Chris Cornell Dead at 52He died suddenly on Wednesday night.
  15. Chris Cornell Sings His Face Off Covering ‘Stay With Me Baby’ for VinylAhead of the show’s finale.
  16. scott weiland
    Cornell Played ‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’ for WeilandThe song was originally written after the overdose of Andrew Wood.
  17. chat room
    Chris Cornell on Soundgarden, Axl RoseHe “seemed to complicate what was the most ideal situation.”
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    Listen to a New Soundgarden Song From The Avengers Soundtrack, ‘Live to Rise’The grunge gods return, all in the name of Captain America!
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    See Chris Cornell Sing ‘I Will Always Love You’And well.
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    Chris Cornell Breaks Up Fight in AirportAfter he hears an anti-gay slur.
  21. beef
    Soundgarden Fans Wish Kanye Would Turn It Down a Little’Ye-Soundgarden beef!
  22. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: Chris Cornell Talks About Soundgarden’s Reunion“I’d be sort of up late and talking a lot more, and if I was up late talking and drinking, I was probably smoking a lot.”
  23. reunions
    Soundgarden Reunites After 12-Year HiatusThe Spoonmen are back!
  24. Chris Cornell Responds to Trent Reznor’s Twitter DisFollowing Wednesday’s blistering Tweet from Reznor, Cornell fires back in a stinging Tweet of his own.
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    It Was an Honor Just for Ron Jeremy to Be in a Porno That Was in a Movie That Was NominatedPlus: Pete Doherty gets a wedgie.
  26. cheek by jowl
    Timbaland vs. Chris Cornell: Which New Partner Is More Washed-up?On the occasion of Chris Cornell’s new full-length collaboration with Timbaland.
  27. cheek by jowl
    Timbaland vs. Chris Cornell: Which New Partner Is More Washed-up?On the occasion of Chris Cornell’s new full-length collaboration with Timbaland.
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    We All Scream for Of MontrealPlus: New music from Kevin Drew and Rick Springfield!
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    Kanye West Steadfastly Determined to Appear in Right-Click Every DayChris Cornell Sings in French and Germans sing in German!
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    Rage Against the Machine Hate Bush. Finally!