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  1. spoilers
    Saying Good-bye to You’re the Worst With Aya Cash, Chris Geere, and Stephen FalkIs Gretchen and Jimmy’s finale romantic or cynical? For the creator and stars of the FXX comedy, it’s a no-brainer.
  2. Showtime to Premiere BBC Comedy ‘Ill Behaviour’ Next MonthBBC comedy series Ill Behaviour is set to make its American debut next month. Showtime announced today that it’s acquired the six-part comedy […]
  3. You’re the Worst Star Chris Geere on Jimmy’s Big Episode“You can’t run away. If you do, you can’t run away forever.”
  4. Inside Season 4 of ‘You’re the Worst’ with Chris Geere A common trait shared among successful writers and performers is an awareness that everything they have worked for could be gone in an […]
  5. chat room
    YTW’s Chris Geere on Jimmy’s Blind Narcissism“If erotic novels don’t work out for him, then what’s he going to do?”
  6. last night on late night
    Chris Geere Discusses His Shakespearean PastWho knew Jimmy Shive-Overly was so posh?
  7. Chris Geere’s Two Lives The third season of the dark romantic comedy You’re the Worst premieres tomorrow on FXX much to the delight of the show’s devoted fanbase. […]
  8. party chat
    Here’s What We Know About You’re the Worst’s New SeasonHere’s what we found out.