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Chris Kyle

  1. real talk
    Bill Maher Thinks the American Sniper Is More Like a ‘Psychopath Patriot’Maher doesn’t think Chris Kyle is very Christian.
  2. questionable role models
    American Sniper’s Comics Homage Is Perfect — and TerrifyingChris Kyle was a Punisher fan, and that’s scary.
  3. personal essays
    American Sniper Is Not the Iraq War Film We NeedIraq War veteran and author Brian Turner on the film’s problems.
  4. american sniper
    5 Things American Sniper’s Chris Kyle Allegedly Lied AboutHe did not really punch Jesse Ventura in the face.
  5. in real life
    American Sniper Could Mess With Real-Life Trial“Can there be a fair trial?”
  6. movie review
    Clint Eastwood Turns American Sniper Into a Republican Platform MovieIt’s a cracker­jack piece of filmmaking, but the moral stakes are almost nonexistent.
  7. war movies
    Steven Spielberg Will Direct American SniperWith Bradley Cooper as the star.