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  1. movie review
    She Dies Tomorrow Is One of the Scariest Films I’ve Seen in a Long WhileIt’s about more than a pandemic, but it is also about a pandemic.
  2. off broadway
    Steve Buscemi, Chris Messina, Everyone Else You Can Think of Doing Three SistersWith Oscar Isaac, Greta Gerwig, and … Ben Sinclair?
  3. tv
    Chris Messina Will Play a Long-Haul Trucker on YouTubeYes, you did just read all those words correctly.
  4. chat room
    Chris Messina on Sharp Objects, Getting Sweaty, and Joking With Amy Adams“I run hot. It was very warm.”
  5. finales
    Where Does The Mindy Project Go Next?And where does Danny fit in?
  6. the industry
    Chris Messina Will Guest-Star on Mindy Season 5Maybe they’re in a long-distance Skype relationship next season?
  7. casting couch
    Ben Affleck Casts Chris Messina to Play FriendIn Live by Night.
  8. exclusive
    Exclusive: See Chris Messina in His Directorial Debut, Alex of VeniceHis directorial debut!
  9. chatroom
    Messina on a Directorial Debut & Mindy’s Future“I have done a lot of dumb things, but that was pretty much the No. 1 dumbest thing I have ever done.”
  10. Sundance: A Chat With the Digging for Fire CastCatching up at Sundance with Jake Johnson, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Joe Swanberg.
  11. sundance 2015
    Chris Messina Got Very Naked at SundanceAnd it was all anyone could talk about.
  12. tv
    Here Is Danny Stripping on The Mindy ProjectHelloooo, Diamond Dan.
  13. videology
    Chris Messina Is a Huge Cheater in This New Sam Smith VideoHe’s not very nice to Glee’s Dianna Agron.
  14. party chat
    Mindy Kaling: It’s Better to Be Jim, Not PamWhich is why Danny is now the one who’s pining on The Mindy Project.
  15. party chat
    Chris Messina Defends the Mindy Project BreakupBut he teases a big payoff coming in the “very romantic” season finale.
  16. chat room
    Mindy Project’s Chris Messina on Airplane Sex “It’s so gross.”
  17. party chat
    Chris Messina on Being a Competitive Dancer As a Kid“I wanted to be Baryshnikov, I loved dance so much.”
  18. dance moves
    See Chris Messina’s Aaliyah/Mindy Project DanceHe’s really good.
  19. We’re Still Waiting For ‘The Mindy Project’ to Become GreatThe Mindy Project airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. eastern on Fox. The season premiere is tonight, but you can watch it online sooner than that. […]
  20. chat room
    Chris Messina on Screen Nudity and the Secret He Hasn’t Told Mindy Kaling Yet“We’ve never talked about that, Mindy and I!”
  21. kudos
    Who Is the MVP of Argo’s Character Actors?Arkin? Goodman? Coach Taylor?
  22. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz: The Mindy Project Is a Thoughtful Riff on Rom-Com ClichésThe long-awaited show from the former Office writer-star premieres tonight.
  23. david edelstein
    Movie Review: Ruby SparksThe newest from the directors of Little Miss Sunshine is a thesis film, with one joke and one variation.
  24. Chris Messina’s ‘Mindy Project’ Character to Be TV’s Han Solo“I’m super scared to do a network comedy because I’ve never done one before, so when she first asked, I told her no a bunch of times. But she […]
  25. chat room
    Chris Messina On Starring In What Seems Like Everything Newsroom, Ruby Sparks, Damages, Celeste and Jesse Forever, The Mindy Project … seriously.
  26. Mindy Kaling and How I Met Your Mother Team Coming to FoxWhat’s the point of upfronts if all the networks are just going to announce everything the week before, all willy nilly (oddly, All Willy Nilly […]
  27. trailer mix
    The Giant Mechanical Man Trailer: Jenna Fischer Falls for a Living StatueShe’s got a thing for dudes in silver face-paint.
  28. clickables
    Watch the Stalker-y Trailer for Chris Messina and Rashida Jones’s MonogamyWatch out, random blonde girl.
  29. chat room
    Monogamy’s Rashida Jones and Chris MessinaThe actors and friends talk long-term relationships, exhibitionism, and taking onscreen risks.
  30. the industry
    Will Ferrell to Make a Scene on the Front LawnPlus: M. Night Shyamalan! Ian Somerhalder! Demons!
  31. the industry
    Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. to Play Cowboys and AliensPlus: Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and John Paul Jones’s new band.