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  1. movies
    First-Look Images of Passengers Have LandedYou know, the movie Jennifer Lawrence got drunk and filmed a sex scene for.
  2. celebrity memoirs
    Anna Faris to Pen Memoir UnqualifiedChris Pratt will write the foreword.
  3. trailer mix
    See Pratt, Denzel in Magnificent Seven TrailerMagnificent.
  4. Denzel, Chris Pratt Appear in Magnificent SevenOh please, won’t you see their vests?
  5. comic-book movies
    Avengers: Infinity War Will Contain at Least Two Hunky Guys Named ChrisThor and Star-Lord will be a part of the Infinity shenanigans.
  6. instagram
    Chris Pratt Is Very Excited About Guardians 2He’s filled with “enthusiasm, joy, gratitude, conviviality, camaraderie, elation, [and] exhilaration.”
  7. chris pratt
    Jennifer Lawrence Has Delightful Ways of Describing Chris PrattTwo super-likable people continue to be likable.
  8. star wars
    Watch The Force Awakens Mashed With GuardiansAs if there was any difference.
  9. awkward sex scenes
    J.Law Was Nervous Before Chris Pratt Sex Scene“It’s just a bizarre experience.”
  10. deleted scenes
    Jurassic World’s Deleted Scene Is a Pile of PoopPoo on you!
  11. candy
    Here’s the Honest Trailer for Jurassic WorldStarring Zoo Lord and Bryce Dallas Texas.
  12. who?
    Billy Eichner Proves New Yorkers Have No Idea Who Chris Pratt Is“Who is this man?” “F*ck if I know.”
  13. Watch a ‘Billy on the Street’ Sneak Peek with Billy Eichner and Chris PrattHere’s a sneak peek from this week’s episode of Billy on the Street with special guest Chris Pratt, who joins Billy for a lightning round […]
  14. celebrity friendships
    J.Law and Schumer Got Silly With Pratt and AzizSuper best friends!
  15. teasers
    Watch the New Teaser for Billy on the StreetThey are very excited!!
  16. High-School Chris Pratt Painted a ‘Greek Mural’ at His Friend’s RestaurantBack when he was a dishwasher.
  17. Here’s When You Can Expect Jurassic World’s SequelWill it break even more records?
  18. stay tuned
    What If I Don’t Like Comedies? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: Is The O.C. good? And what’s the best Chris Pratt ep of Parks & Rec?
  19. cut snl sketches
    Chris Pratt Mocked Jason Statham for SNLPratt can pull off bald.
  20. real life superheroes
    Pratt’s JW Raptor Scenes Inspire ZookeepersWelcome to #JurassicZoo in real life.
  21. money
    Why Jennifer Lawrence Deserves Every Penny of Her $20 Million PaydayIf anyone in Hollywood is worth a $20 million paycheck, it’s freaking Jennifer Lawrence.
  22. the industry
    J.Law Is Making More Than Her Male Co-StarShe’ll make $20 million for Passengers, plus a share of the profits.
  23. box office
    Jurassic World Devours the Box OfficeThe fourth film in the franchise broke multiple records this weekend.
  24. movies
    Jurassic World ReviewAt its best, it’s good enough to take your mind off its worst, which is saying a lot.
  25. last night on late night
    Pratt Only Had 3 Faces in Jurassic WorldFear, love, and joy.
  26. last night on late night
    Chris Pratt Also Could Have Filmed Jurassic World Entirely in HeelsRun from that dinosaur!
  27. trailer mix
    The Spoiler-Heavy Final Jurassic World Trailer Is HereFeaturing even more Chris Pratt.
  28. sorry not sorry
    Chris Pratt Apologizes for Anything Offensive He May or May Not Say“I am not in the business of making excuses. I am just dumb.”
  29. the summer of chris pratt
    ‘Drunk’ Chris Pratt Will Teach You How to Act“This lesson is brought to you by Fireball whiskey.”
  30. the summer of chris pratt
    Chris Pratt Is the ‘Michelangelo’ of Poop Pics“Gotta send that to Nick — it’s his first initial!”
  31. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Chris Pratt’s Reddit AMA“Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny.”
  32. trivia
    ‘Apparently Kid’ Wrecks Chris Pratt in Ellen’s Dinosaur TriviaDude knows a lot about dinosaurs, apparently.
  33. email mistakes
    Channing Tatum Still Hasn’t Changed His Email Address Even after all that Sony-hack drama.
  34. clips
    Yes, Chris Pratt Will Have a Sense of Humor in Jurassic WorldIn case you were worried.
  35. awww
    Chris Evans Dressed Up As Captain America at a Seattle Children’s HospitalFor that Super Bowl bet.
  36. last night on late night
    What If Parks and Recreation Ended Like Six Feet Under?Thank Chris Pratt for this idea.
  37. tv
    What We Learned From Revisiting Season One of Parks and RecreationMost comedies take a long time to find their footing. Parks was no exception.
  38. awww
    Chris Pratt Made Good on His Super Bowl BetAww.
  39. real life superheroes
    Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Waged a Cute and Heroic Super Bowl BetSuperheroes for everyone!
  40. trailer mix
    Watch Jurassic World’s Super Bowl SpotIntroducing Chris Pratt, raptor whisperer.
  41. rumors
    Chris Pratt Might Be the New Indiana JonesMaybe. Someday.
  42. the final season
    9 Things We Learned From Parks and Rec TCA PanelYour new favorite cocktail just might be the Joan.
  43. oscars 2015
    Why ‘Everything Is Awesome’ Deserves an OscarAccording to Chris Pratt. (Also, what they’d plan for the ceremony.)
  44. tv
    See Chris Pratt’s Tribute Song to Li’l SebastianBye, show.
  45. blooper reels
    See the Guardians of the Galaxy Blooper ReelIt’s delightful.
  46. party chat
    Why the Jurassic World Trailer Made Chris Pratt Cringe“Aw, why did I do that with my eyebrow?”
  47. trailer mix
    The Jurassic World Trailer Is Here!Dinosaurs! Chris Pratt!
  48. trailer mix
    The Jurassic World Teaser Trailer Is HereHello, Mr. Pratt.
  49. last night on late night
    Watch Lena Dunham, Chris Pratt Read Mean TweetsFeaturing a guest appearance by John Stamos’s belly button.
  50. fat pratt
    There Will Be No More ‘Fat Pratt,’ Says Chris PrattRIP, Fat Pratt.
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