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  1. Ice Cube Wants to Make a Fourth ‘Friday’ Movie Called ‘Last Friday’To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friday, the cult classic starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker is returning to theaters tonight for a special […]
  2. ‘Chris Tucker Live’ Premieres on Netflix Friday July 10thChris Tucker’s first full-length standup special is headed to Netflix. According to THR, the streaming network is set to debut Chris Tucker […]
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    Chris Tucker Finally Breaks His Rush Hour Streak“Nothing really grabbed me until this.”
  4. The Lost Comedy Career of Bill ClintonPerhaps no political figure in US history (save for George W. Bush) has been the subject of more jokes and ribbing than Bill Clinton. Just from […]
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    Chris Tucker Owes $12 Million in Back TaxesHe did not understand the words coming out of the tax collectors’ mouths.
  6. The Best Frozen Moments from the 2012 Golden GlobesSofia Vergara making her Modern Family character look restrained, Nicole Kidman giving the stinkeye, and many many more glimpses of the audience.
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    Ice Cube Might Make Another Friday MovieAnd Chris Tucker might come back!
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    How Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy Connect Every Single Buddy ComedyIf you trace a line of co-stars between them, you hit nearly every single buddy comedy alum of the past 50 years.
  9. The Chris Tucker Comeback Is in Full Effect as He Joins David O. Russell’s […]Chris Tucker may not have been in a movie since 2007’s Best Picture winner Rush Hour 3, but he looks to be back in the game now. He’s already […]
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    Brett Ratner Explains That When Chris Tucker Calls Him a ‘Jew Boy,’ It’s With LoveUh-oh.
  11. Chris Tucker Plots His ComebackToday, the New York Times profiles Chris Tucker, who is looking to make a comeback with “bigger movies.”
  12. The Lost Roles of Chris TuckerIn 2006, Chris Tucker was the highest paid actor in Hollywood, receiving a $25 million payday for appearing in Rush Hour 3. He even negotiated […]
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    Last Night on Late Night: Kevin Connolly Talks of President Obama’s Refusals to Star in the Last Season of EntouragePlus: Chris Kattan and Jimmy Fallon go to war in this super-wet supercut of their water-drenched card game, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    When Comedic Movie Stars Go MIAJim Carrey is returning to the screen after a long hiatus, but where are Chris Tucker and Mike Myers?
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    Good News, Fans of the Rush Hour Franchise: Chris Tucker Owes Money to the IRS$11 million!
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    Buffy Is an Open-minded, Modern Kind of Vampire SlayerPlus: Little Jonathan Winery?
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    Chris Tucker Career Shocker!Plus industry news on The Women, Isla Fisher, and Fat Joe.