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  1. auctions
    An Artwork Made by Artificial Intelligence Just Sold for $400,000The painting fetched 40 times its estimate. Why?
  2. $$$$
    Leonardo da Vinci Painting Sold at Auction for Record-Breaking $450.3 MillionMarketed as “The Last da Vinci,” Salvator Mundi was the last known painting by the master in a private collection.
  3. Jerry Saltz: Christie’s Says This Painting Is by Leonardo. I Really Doubt It.One look at this painting tells me it’s a sham.
  4. Where Are the Millennials in This Spring’s Art Auctions?Few artists born in the 1980s are on the block.
  5. Kenny Schachter’s New York Auctions DiaryThick in the air amid the good, bad, and really, really awful lies the unstoppable, implacable, genetically coded urge to create and collect.
  6. art
    ‘One of the Greatest Moments in Auction History’The record-breaking shopping spree included a $179 million Picasso and a $140 million Giacometti.
  7. Good-bye Forever to Picasso’s Women of AlgiersI set eyes on the beautiful reward by Picasso known as The Women of Algiers, an epic master class on the ways of painting, which will be sold tonight to a private collector for $140 million.
  8. MoMA’s Monet Fire SaleThe institution’s latest off-putting move is auctioning a Claude Monet from its collection.
  9. art
    Saltz: Wade Guyton May Be Trying to Torpedo His Own SalesJust as Christie’s auctions his work, he’s undermining it.
  10. ask an art critic
    Ask an Art Critic: Jerry Saltz on MoMA’s Women, Auction Madness, and George W. Bush’s Official PortraitBush looks out at us undisturbed and pleased.
  11. auctions
    The Sad Spectacle of the Blockbuster Art AuctionOn Tuesday, another first-class work will likely disappear into the hands of a private collector who may never lend it again.
  12. art
    Picasso Sells at Auction for World-Record Price’Nu’ sells for $106.5 million.
  13. comeuppances
    Will the Crappy Art Market Have Its Revenge on Richard Fuld?Christie’s is selling ‘master drawings from a private collection’ that turns out to be Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld’s.
  14. news reel
    At Christie’s, Bidders Compete to Own James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine’ BeltPaul Shaffer and a hundred other bidders overpay for the hardest-working memorabilia in the memorabilia business.
  15. the industry
    Batten Down the Scenery: De Niro, Pacino Back Together
  16. news reel
    Americans Get Outbid at Sotheby’s and Christie’s