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Christopher Evan Welch

  1. obits
    Silicon Valley’s Welch Died Before His BreakoutChristopher Evan Welch plays Silicon Valley’s best character. He died in December. His last episode is tonight.
  2. in memoriam
    Behind Silicon Valley’s Tribute to Christopher Evan Welch“Everything that happens from this point forward in the show story-wise is not probably what we would have done if we still had Chris around.”
  3. The Comedy Legends We Lost in 2014We lost several funny people of note in 2014, but the year was a real doozy for comedy legends in particular, including writer/directors, TV […]
  4. posthumousity
    The Strange Year of the Posthumous PerformanceIt’s not weird that we miss those artists who’ve died. But it is weird that, increasingly, we expect them to keep producing art.
  5. r.i.p.
    On Christopher Evan Welch’s Last Silicon Valley EpisodeWatch his final scene.
  6. Looking Back at the Life and Career of ‘Silicon Valley’ Star Christopher […]Christopher Evan Welch, one of the stars of HBO’s new series Silicon Valley, tragically passed away four months ago, and Vulture has an […]