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  1. oral histories
    An Oral History of The Dark Knight’s Pencil TrickNo CGI, but a few bouts of unconsciousness.
  2. under pressure
    Basically Every Famous Director Is Petitioning to Save FilmStruckRian Johnson, Guillermo Del Toro, Sofia Coppola, and more have signed letters trying to save the service.
  3. film
    Christopher Nolan Is Taking a Stand Against How His Movies Look on Your TVYou may never how good Dunkirk actually was.
  4. the name's bond
    Will Christopher Nolan Direct the Next James Bond Film?Give this man a well-shaken martini.
  5. the streaming wars
    Christopher Nolan Is Very Sorry for Being Rude to Netflix“I should have been more polite.”
  6. The 8 Most British Things About DunkirkIt’s a high-stakes drama about proper queue etiquette.
  7. Will Dunkirk Score the Most Oscar Nominations This Year?Here are the categories where we expect Christopher Nolan’s war epic to do well.
  8. dunkirk
    Did You Catch Michael Caine’s Cameo in Dunkirk?Hint: Listen closely.
  9. Dunkirk Is Getting Great Reviews. But Can It Be a Hit?What are the prospects for a $150 million war film based on a battle few Americans have heard of?
  10. movie review
    Review: Dunkirk Is a Great War Movie Marred by Christopher Nolan’s Usual TricksSomewhere inside the movie’s muddled timeline is a terrific linear movie.
  11. All 10 Christopher Nolan Movies, RankedFiguring out which of the director’s films were the masterpieces, and which were merely near-masterpieces.
  12. harry styles is famous?
    Christopher Nolan Didn’t Know Who Harry Styles Was When He Cast Him in DunkirkWait, Harry Styles is famous?
  13. Watch Beautiful British Men Suffer in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk TrailerThe film arrives July 21.
  14. the industry
    Where Everyone in Hollywood Stands on Offering Faster VOD Movie RentalsChristopher Nolan said he’s only concerned about theatrical exhibition, but studios are leaning toward making new releases stream earlier.
  15. trailer mix
    Watch Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk TrailerComing to theaters July 21, 2017.
  16. the superhero boom
    Cillian Murphy Is Cynical About Superhero MoviesCillian Murphy, like many of us, has to ask: Are we running out of caped crusader stories to adapt?
  17. trailer mix
    Warner Bros. Releases Dunkirk Teaser After it Leaks OnlineWarner Bros. bumps up official teaser debut after it was leaked online earlier today.
  18. the industry
    One Direction Superfan Christopher Nolan Got Harry Styles for DunkirkIt will be the singer’s first film role.
  19. directors directing
    Christopher Nolan Nearing InterstellarFrom a script by his brother Jonathan.
  20. dark knight trilogy
    Watch the Dark Knight Trilogy in Three MinutesThe Dark Knight rises … but also does a lot of other stuff too.
  21. trailer park
    Man of Steel Trailer: Superman Is Super-Unsure Who He IsHe is great at flying.
  22. directors
    Who Are Hollywood’s Most Secretive Directors?Including Malick, Abrams, and Nolan.
  23. secrecy
    Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Tell Liam Neeson AnythingThat’s how secretive he is.
  24. real talk
    David Cronenberg Doesn’t Love Dark Knight Rises So Much“It’s for kids.”
  25. batman
    Read Christopher Nolan’s Good-bye to the Batman Franchise“The Batman had to come back. I suppose he always will.”
  26. video
    Vulture Examines Christopher Nolan’s ‘Funniest’ ScenesWhy so serious, Christopher Nolan?
  27. origami
    The Dark Knight Creases: Fold Your Own Batman, Bane, and Catwoman MasksWe’re calling this “Origotham.”
  28. monday morning movie club
    What Did Gordon-Levitt See in Batman’s Face?There are so many spoilers in this. So many.
  29. refresher course
    Four Things to Remember About Dark Knight RisesThere are some essential characters you’ll need a quick reminder about.
  30. tragedy
    Read Christopher Nolan’s Statement About the Dark Knight ShootingA “senseless tragedy.”
  31. fanboys
    Christopher Nolan Understands Where Those Fanboys Were Coming From“I think the fans are very passionate about these characters the way a lot of people are very passionate.”
  32. party chat
    Christopher Nolan Resisted Bane and Catwoman at FirstBut writer David Goyer convinced him.
  33. vulture scavenger
    46 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Batman FilmsIn our latest edition of Vulture Scavenger, we waded through all six modern Batman films and accompanying materials.
  34. the dark knight rises
    Marion Cotillard Essential to Christopher Nolan“She’s Superwoman,” Nolan says.
  35. last night on late night
    Did David Letterman Spoil the Ending to Dark Knight Rises?Plus: Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon jammed out like BFFs, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  36. dark knight rises
    Watch an Interview The Dark Knight Rises CastEveryone is there! Everyone!
  37. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Bryan Cranston Beat Letterman at His Own JokePlus: Christopher Nolan gave Morgan Freeman a stuffed bat in a glass box, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  38. ruining perfectly good cement
    Even Christopher Nolan’s Handprints Are FamousHe’s just like an actor!
  39. the dark knight rises
    Some Newly Revealed Batman Semi-SpoilersWhat happened to the Bat Cave?
  40. michael fassbender
    See What Michael Fassbender Would Look Like As 007Fassbender. Michael Fassbender.
  41. This Is Christopher Nolan’s Last Batman MovieHe’s also no fan of digital filmmaking.
  42. boasts
    Dark Knight Rises the Biggest Since Silent Era?“I don’t know when someone last did a film with 11,000 extras in a real environment.”
  43. batman
    See What Happens When Christopher Nolan’s Batman Shows Up at a Birthday PartyJust cool out for, like, five minutes, Batman. Can you do that?
  44. the dark knight rises
    Final Dark Knight Trailer to Precede Avengers Avengers hits theaters May 4.
  45. bat signal
    Dark Knight Rises to Be More ComprehensibleBane, now more intelligible.
  46. batman
    Tom Hardy Apparently Unintelligible in The Dark Knight RisesAre there no speech pathologists in Gotham?
  47. movies
    Christian Bale Finished As Batman After The Dark Knight RisesSafe to say, Bale’s legacy as Batman will exceed George Clooney’s.
  48. New, Spine-Ripping Dark Knight Rises Secrets RevealedThe sequel is set several years after the last movie.
  49. trailer mix
    The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: It All Ends, AgainSee the teaser, which is now officially online.
  50. oscars 2011
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Academy AwardsThe competition on the red carpet can be as interesting as the awards race itself.
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