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Chronic Gamer Girl

  1. Ilana Glazer Explains the Meaninglessness of Life in ‘Chronic Gamer Girl’s […] Here’s the final episode of season two of Broad City star Ilana Glazer’s web series Chronic Gamer Girl. In it, she gets deep into the […]
  2. Ilana Glazer Valiantly Stares Death in the Face in ‘Chronic Gamer Girl’Ilana Glazer has uncovered so many of life’s hidden beauties this season on her web series Chronic Gamer Girl, and now it’s finally time for […]
  3. Ilana Glazer Urges You to Feel Good in the Latest Installment of ‘Chronic […]Here’s the second part of Ilana Glazer’s Chronic Gamer Girl segment where she asks strangers in New York all about their sexual preferences and […]
  4. Watch ‘Broad City’s Ilana Glazer Ask Strangers in a Park About Losing […] Broad City star/co-creator Ilana Glazer resurrected her web series Chronic Gamer Girl for a second season last week. Here’s the latest […]
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    Watch Broad City’s Ilana Glazer’s Super-Weird Short About Love and SexAnd at times super naked.
  6. Get Empowered by Ilana Glazer’s ‘Sex: A Journey of Love’Here’s the season 2 premiere of Ilana Glazer’s web series Chronic Gamer Girl, a 4:20 video released on 4/20 that makes the perfect combo of […]
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    Watch Chronic Gamer Girl Play Zelda“Veggie chips are like packing peanuts.”
  8. Girl Gets Stoned, Plays Super Nintendo“I’m the Courtney Stodden of video game blogs.”