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  1. Excerpts from Frankie Muniz’s Autobiography That Make Me Think It Was […] I remember the day my mom got the call that I landed the part of Malcom in Malcom in the Middle. She was grinning from ear to ear when she […]
  2. the first rule of fight club…
    Palahniuk: ‘Snowflake’ Diss Came From Fight ClubGiven the first rule of Fight Club, it makes sense that Tomi Lahren hasn’t credited the author.
  3. crowdfunding
    Palahniuk Launches Kickstarter for Lullaby MovieThe funding campaign ends June 17.
  4. remembering bowie
    Palahniuk Recalls How Bowie Helped Fight ClubTurns out there’s a lot of untapped inspiration in sound checks.
  5. roll clip!
    Here’s Palahniuk Reading Fight Club for KidsI am Joe’s Ruined Childhood.
  6. sequels
    Fight Club Getting a Comic Book SequelTyler Durden kidnaps Jack and Marla’s son.
  7. books
    Read the First Two Chapters of Chuck Palahniuk’s New Book, Tell-AllIt’s a “rude sendup of name-dropping and the culture of celebrity worship.”
  8. guts
    Will Final Destination’s Gut-Sucking Scene Suck Life Out of Chuck Palahniuk Movie?Did Final Destination steal Chuck Palahniuk’s signature guts-sucked-out-of-a-guy’s-rectum story?
  9. quote machine
    Robert Pattinson Is Pretty Sure Being Famous Isn’t for EveryonePlus: Robert Downey Jr., egomaniac?
  10. really?
    Dubious ‘Choke’ PromotionIf you can prove that you brought the most friends with you to see the movie, Chuck will write you into his next book. You sure you want that?
  11. the industry
    Russell Crowe to Get His Doctorate, Solve MysteriesPlus: Quentin Tarantino finds his villain, and Eric Stoltz catches WWII fever!
  12. trailer mix
    ‘Choke’ Trailer: This Movie Contains Breasts, Sex, Sam Rockwell’If this movie doesn’t touch you, go ahead and touch yourself.’
  13. ranters and ravers
    Rushdie, Burroughs, Palahniuk: Whose ‘TBR’ Review Was the Worst?It was a busy week, apparently, for whichever intern is in charge of hatchet-sharpening duties at the ‘Times Book Review.’
  14. apropos of nothing
    Next Year’s Sundance Film Festival Lineup Just As Depressing As This Year’sIf you were planning on attending the Sundance Film Festival but had some reservations about sitting through yet another batch of miserable indie flicks and vitriolic documentaries, well, you may just want to stay home and play Nintendo.
  15. news reel
    Chuck Palahniuk Prefers His Teenagers Drunk and Disrobed
  16. quote machine
    Chuck Palahniuk Thinks Predictably Morbid Thoughts
  17. ranters and ravers
    ‘Rant’ and Raves for Chuck Palahniuk
  18. you saw it here first
    Exclusive: Our First Look at Chuck Palahniuk’s Latest Novel