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  1. What Sy Hersh KnowsAn unsummarizable interview with the inimitable investigative journalist and raconteur of the American national security state.
  2. Errol Morris Probes Government Mind-Control and LSD in the Wormwood TrailerTrue crime gets psychedelic.
  3. last night on late night
    Ex-CIA Director Casually Debunks Trump’s Wiretapping Claim on The Late Show“I can tell you that these tools would not be used against an American.”
  4. How the CIA Torture Report Became a Surprise Best-sellerSmall indie publisher Melville House has scored a hit with the CIA Torture Report. 
  5. tv
    The CIA Has Been Fact-Checking State of Affairs on Twitter#Actually.
  6. Jon Stewart Talks to a CIA Employee Who Sounds a Lot Like Jerry SeinfeldA bunch of CIA staffers’ Langley cafeteria-related complaints were recently released to the public through the Freedom of Information Act, so […]
  7. cia
    CIA Head: Zero Dark Thirty Is Not a DocumentarySome film criticism from the intelligence community.
  8. The Real-Life Zero Dark Thirty Heroine Is Having a Tough Time at WorkEven though she helped nab bin Laden.
  9. Nation’s Gullible Continue Being Alarmed by Onion Headlines “Why r ppl not RT this surely they cannot be that stupid!” writes Michael Robinson on Twitter, in response to this video about the CIA using […]
  10. the take
    We Reveal the Classified Information the CIA Won’t Let Simon & Schuster PublishIncluding sensitive classified information!