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  1. if beale street could talk
    How Beale Street Got Those Eye-popping ColorsBarry Jenkins’s cinematographer and colorist break down exactly how they managed to create the film’s feast of gorgeous shades.
  2. oscars 2018
    Roger Deakins Should Have Won an Oscar Years AgoAfter 13 tries, the cinematographer won his first Oscar Sunday night.
  3. Cinematographers React to Rachel Morrison’s Historic Oscar NominationMorrison became the first woman nominated for Best Cinematography.
  4. 89 Film and TV Moments That Capture 2017A look back at the best visuals from the year.
  5. Can Roger Deakins Finally Win an Oscar, for Blade Runner 2049?He’s shot so many of your favorite movies, and this might finally do the trick.
  6. emmys 2017
    Westworld Cinematographer Talks Lighting an Orgy Like a Louvre Painting“We didn’t want the viewer to ever feel like there was a human being on the other end of that camera.”
  7. How Wonder Woman Brought Color Back to the DC UniverseIt all began with … a photo of James Blunt?
  8. guardians of the galaxy vol 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cinematographer on How Chris Pratt Changed the EndingThe hardest one to shoot will surprise you.
  9. This Is What Makes Samurai Jack the Most Visually Audacious Show on TVVIDEO: “Remember David Carradine in Kung Fu?”
  10. and the nominees are
    Lion and La La Land Among Cinematography Guild’s NomineesSilence also picked up its first guild recognition for cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto.
  11. how to make a movie
    How Malick and Cuarón’s D.P. Got These 5 ShotsFeaturing Gravity, The Tree of Life, and Children of Men.
  12. oscars 2013
    How Master D.P. Roger Deakins Got These 10 ShotsAnd he explains several stills from his iconic work with the Coen brothers.
  13. dispatches
    How Steven Spielberg’s Cinematographer Got These Eleven ShotsFrom Lincoln to A.I. to Schindler’s List.
  14. cinematography
    See 135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith in CinemaYou missed Milo and Otis.
  15. wes anderson
    Take a Closer Look at Wes Anderson’s Cinematic StyleWho needs NYU when you’ve got screen shots?