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  1. 9/11: 20 years later
    The Persistent Outrage of Laura PoitrasTwenty years after the “war on terror” began, the filmmaker behind a trilogy of post-9/11 documentaries remains profoundly angry.
  2. boy bands
    Your Guide to the 2017 Boy-Band RenaissanceAre any of these bands the next Backstreet Boys?
  3. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Risk, the New Documentary About Julian AssangeScarier than that trailer for It.
  4. servicey
    You Can Watch Oscar-Winning Documentary Citizenfour Tonight on HBOAnd you should
  5. chat room
    Laura Poitras on Her Oscar-Nominated Snowden Doc Citizenfour“[Snowden] did touch base right after we heard about the Oscar nomination and he said, ‘Congratulations, great job.’”
  6. oscar race
    Iñárritu Wins for Birdman at the DGAsHere’s a full list of winners.
  7. oscars
    Selma Was Robbed, and Other Unforgivable Oscar CrimesDavid Oyelowo gave the best male performance of the year.
  8. The 11 Best Movies of 2014David Edelstein’s picks.
  9. chat room
    Laura Poitras on Her Snowden Movie, Citizenfour“[It was] more dangerous than anything I’ve ever done, because of how high up it would go in terms of the people it would anger.”
  10. weekend box office
    Ouija Scares Up Teens to Take the WeekendBoo.
  11. movie review
    Movie Review: CitizenfourThe story of Edward Snowden, from one of his contacts on the inside.