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  1. clarifications
    Steven Spielberg Is a Netflix-Loving Hero, ActuallyHe was just trying to help.
  2. clarifications
    Everything You Know About Vincent van Gogh Is WrongAt Eternity’s Gate director Julian Schnabel addresses a few common myths about the troubled artist.
  3. clarifications
    Kanye West on Being ‘Diagnosed With a Mental Condition’ and Redoing Ye After TMZ“Think about people that have mental issues that are not Kanye West,” he reflects.
  4. clarifications
    Pharmaceutical Company Behind Ambien Not Here for Roseanne’s ApologyA polite response.
  5. clarifications
    Fiona Apple Wants You to Know That She Finished Her Set Last WeekShe wrote Questlove an e-mail to clarify.
  6. clarifications
    Kendrick Lamar Thinks He Might Need to Dumb His Lyrics Down“I didn’t know there would be so much speculation, I just want to rap,” he says of “Control.”
  7. clarifications
    Diplo Didn’t Mean to Imply That Beyoncé Scrapped Her Whole Album“I think she scrapped the record.”
  8. clarifications
    George R.R. Martin Has a Much Gnarlier Iron Throne for Fans to VisualizeThere’s an amazing painting.
  9. clarifications
    Rick Rubin Did Not Actually Work on Magna Carta Holy GrailHe was just in the commercials for fun.
  10. clarifications
    Miley Cyrus Is Totally Not Singing the Word Molly, Okay?Says Mike WiLL Made It.
  11. clarifications
    Courtney Love Says the Nirvana Musical Is Off“Sometimes it’s best to leave things alone.”
  12. clarifications
    Madonna Was Just Kidding About That Obama-Muslim Stuff“Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim.”
  13. clarifications
    The New Taylor Swift Song Is Definitely Not About Joe Jonas, Says Joe JonasIn case that wasn’t clear.
  14. clarifications
    Wait, No, Timbaland and Missy Aren’t Working on the Aaliyah AlbumJust kidding.
  15. clarifications
    Is Kanye West Actually Involved With The Jetsons Movie?“The last two years I had various forms of communication from the studio that he had this real love and interest in The Jetsons as an artist.”
  16. clarifications
    Coen Brothers Can’t Wait for Tara Reid’s Imaginary Big Lebowski Sequel“I’m glad she’s working on it … we’ll watch it when it comes out.”
  17. vampires
    New Details Emerge About Lesbian Vampire KillersCock swords!
  18. clarifications
    Making Sense of Lesbian Vampire KillersWho’s killing whom exactly?