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Clayne Crawford

  1. timelines
    The Complete Timeline of Lethal Weapon’s Very Lethal YearThe first lead was fired, and now the other is quitting. How did we get here?
  2. lethal drama
    Not Too Old for This Shit, Damon Wayans Is Staying on Lethal Weapon a Bit LongerHe has two more episodes ahead of him.
  3. exit strategy
    Damon Wayans Says He’s Quitting Lethal Weapon“I really don’t know what they’re planning, but that’s what I’m planning.”
  4. premieres
    So, Did Lethal Weapon Kill Off Clayne Crawford’s Character or What?The actor was fired for toxic on-set behavior and replaced by Seann William Scott. But does Riggs die?
  5. confrontations
    Clayne Crawford Calls Some Lethal Weapon Allegations a ‘Blatant F*cking Lie’“I didn’t think they would get rid of me.”
  6. it ain’t a reboot
    Lethal Weapon’s Third Season Is Coming Together, Clayne Crawford Drama Be DamnedWe know who Seann William Scott will be playing.
  7. lethal weapon
    Details Emerge About the Hostile Environment on the Lethal Weapon SetBoth stars were reportedly difficult on set, but Crawford was prone to aggressive outbursts.
  8. on-set injuries
    Damon Wayans Tweets About on-Set Lethal Weapon Injury, Clayne CrawfordThe Lethal Weapon lead claims his now-former co-star allegedly assaulted an actor, among other “infractions.”
  9. casting call
    Seann William Scott Will Replace Clayne Crawford for Lethal Weapon Season 3He won’t be playing the same character, though.
  10. firings
    Clayne Crawford Reportedly Fired From Lethal Weapon, Fox Looking to Recast HimThe show needs a new lead to be picked up for a third season.
  11. lethal temperament
    Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans Reportedly Not Speaking Due to Fight On SetTheir altercation went to the “high ranks of the studio.”
  12. setting the record
    Lethal Weapon’s Clayne Crawford Admits Reports of His Bad Behavior Are True“It is true.”
  13. lethal problem
    Lethal Weapon Is Reportedly Facing Recasting Due to Co-lead’s Toxic BehaviorClayne Crawford has created “a hostile environment” for the popular series.
  14. season orders
    Fox Orders a Full Season of Lethal WeaponGood news, Riggs!
  15. casting couch
    Fox’s Lethal Weapon Pilot Finds Its Mel GibsonClayne Crawford will star opposite Damon Wayans, Sr.
  16. chat room
    Rectify’s Clayne Crawford on Playing Jerk-Offs“In any Nicholas Sparks story, I am going to be the ultimate bad guy.”