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  1. that’s gonna leave a mark!
    24 Comedians on the Comedy Clichés They’d Like to Kill ForeverLet’s start this new decade by leaving the overused punch lines behind.
  2. rom-coms
    Every Rom-Com Trope Called Out in Isn’t It RomanticIncluding timeworn favorites like “everyone is hot” and “clumsy women are adorable.”
  3. How Many of These Joke Clichés Are You Guilty of Using?Workaholics will air its seventh and final season on Comedy Central next year, and while the writing staff has contributed plenty of great […]
  4. manic pixie nightmare girl
    Why the Creator of the Term ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ Wants It to Die“Calling for the death of the ‘Patriarchal Lie’ of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope.”
  5. manic pixie dream girl
    Take a Trip to ‘the Home for [Cinema’s] Manic Pixie Dream Girls’All hail Queen Zooey!
  6. Things Everyone Is Tired of Watching on TVHere’s a fun list of TV tropes and jokes that are overused to the point of exhaustion. Seriously, TV way overuses these cheeseballs, it’s […]
  7. cliches
    How to See a TV Car Crash ComingBasically, if someone’s in a car who isn’t usually: they’re gonna crash.
  8. clickables
    Watch a Montage of Clichés in 2011’s Most-Anticipated MoviesAnd the Best Close-Up of Terror Award goes to … Kyle Chandler!
  9. music
    Watch a Montage of Tired Rap-Video ClichésBoats, cars, dollars, girls, helicopters, jewelry, skylines.
  10. cliche watch
    Novelists Really Like Dogs Who Bark in the DistanceIt’s hard to find a novel without the phrase, “Somewhere, a dog barked.”
  11. movies
    How to Make a Nicholas Sparks Movie, the Handy Illustrated Chart“First, start with two pretty white people … “
  12. vulture lists
    5 Obsolete Film Clichés Technology Won’t KillIf directors buy a world with GPS, where would we get our next ‘Blair Witch Project’?