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  1. clickables
    Watch a Creepy Man of Steel TeaserGeneral Zod says hi.
  2. clickables
    See Joe Biden Visiting Vice-President Selina Meyer’s OfficeIt had to happen eventually.
  3. clickables
    See Arrested Development Turned Into Album ArtBuster Bluth Sings the BluesLucille on the Rocks.
  4. clickables
    See an Image From Amazon’s Zombieland ShowHey, we remember you guys, sort of!
  5. clickables
    See a Poster for CBGB, Starring Alan Rickman and Rupert GrintRickman looks amazing.
  6. clickables
    See Every Video Game Played on The SimpsonsWe’d play … pretty much all of these.
  7. clickables
    Witness Jon Hamm’s Rolling Stone CoverMad Men x modern man.
  8. clickables
    See a Bunch of New Mad Men Character PortraitsThese are so good.
  9. clickables
    Watch a Supercut of Al Pacino’s Many Yells and RoarsSay hello to his big mouth!
  10. clickables
    Watch All Six Star Wars Movies at the Same TimeBecause it’s Monday and you ain’t got stuff to do. Right?
  11. clickables
    Watch Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman in the Hilarious Return of ‘Bestie X Bestie’They each have perfect catchphrases now.
  12. clickables
    Watch Oz Great and Powerful’s Opening CreditsIt’s definitely one of the best parts of the movie.
  13. clickables
    Here’s Miley Cyrus Twerking in a Unicorn SuitLike we said: weird.
  14. clickables
    Watch Everything Wrong With The Dark KnightNitpicking to the max.
  15. clickables
    Watch Bill Cosby Dance on LettermanBriefly. He also talks to Letterman, but just watch the dancing.
  16. clickables
    See a Reading List for Every Harry Potter HouseGryffindor has to read Game of Thrones.
  17. casting couch
    See the Original US Office Casting Sign-in SheetAdam Scott as Jim? Mary Lynn Rajskub as Pam?
  18. clickables
    Stream the New Strokes Album, Comedown MachineSure, why not?
  19. clickables
    Hear Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ Remix, Featuring Jay-ZNew verses from Kendrick, too.
  20. clickables
    Watch Ricky Gervais Reprise the Role of David BrentOf course he sings a terrible reggae song.
  21. clickables
    Check Out This Great Veep Season Two Trailer“Kanye West Wing.”
  22. clickables
    Watch a New Game of Thrones PromoThe beast!
  23. See a Game of ThronesPrincess Bride Mash-UpMawwage.
  24. clickables
    Want Some Investment Advice From Mila Kunis?“Internet-based companies” and “stocks.”
  25. clickables
    Watch the Strokes’ ‘All the Time’ VideoOh, so we’re already in the “Greatest Hits” phase.
  26. clickables
    Watch Michel Gondry Joyously Tour His Fave Movie-Rental StoreMichel Gondry in a video store is the new kid in a candy store.
  27. stand-up
    Watch Louis C.K. Tell a Heckler to Stop HecklingHe is right.
  28. clickables
    See Brie, Offerman, Mullally Sing About Pussy It’s supposed to promote the release of Somebody Up There Likes Me, and it does in a way.
  29. clickables
    Watch the Good Will Hunting Math Problem Explained SimplyMath!
  30. clickables
    Watch Game of Thrones’ Nineties-Style Opening CreditsComplete with guitar licks.
  31. clickables
    Watch Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Ask a Grown Man’“I just really wanted to play Mario Kart.”
  32. theme songs
    Hear Jake Johnson Sing the New Girl Theme SongWho’s that guy? Who’s that guy? It’s Jake!
  33. clickables
    What If The Walking Dead Aired in the Nineties?This would be its intro.
  34. clickables
    Watch Rebel Wilson and Channing Tatum’s First MTV Movie Awards PromoRebel Wilson gets it.
  35. clickables
    Hear a New Major Lazer Song Featuring Ezra KoenigIt’s called “Jessica.”
  36. theme songs
    Will Smith Sang the Fresh Prince Song in EnglandAnd the crowd went wild, naturally.
  37. jash
    Watch a Promo for Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera’s New YouTube ChannelReggie Watts, Tim Heidecker, and Eric Wareheim are also on board.
  38. movie trailers
    Watch This New Star Trek Into Darkness TrailerGet ready for some spaceships.
  39. game of thrones season 2
    If You Missed Game of Thrones Season 2, Watch This RecapCourtesy of HBO.
  40. clickables
    Watch the Knife’s ‘A Tooth for an Eye’ VideoOkay!
  41. clickables
    See Kubrick’s Diary Brainstorm of Possible Dr. Stranglove Titles“Dr. Strangelove’s Secret Uses of Uranus,” “Dr. Doomsday and His Nuclear Wiseman,” and more!
  42. clickables
    Hear She & Him’s New Song, ‘Never Wanted Your Love’Off Volume 3.
  43. clickables
    Watch Phoenix’s ‘Entertainment’ VideoWarning: blood alert.
  44. clickables
    What If Breaking Bad Were a Nineties Sitcom?This would be its opening-credit sequence.
  45. clickables
    Stream the Spring Breakers SoundtrackSo much Skrillex.
  46. clickables
    Watch a Video of Humans Yelling Like the Goats That Yell Like HumansHow do you like them apples, goats?
  47. clickables
    Watch a Breaking Bad Season Eight Behind-the-Scenes FeaturetteNo secrets are revealed … or are they!?!?!?
  48. clickables
    See Some New Hunger Games PostersEffie, Haywood, and Caesar.
  49. clickables
    See a Floor Plan for the Friends ApartmentsJust normal, giant New York City apartments.
  50. clickables
    Watch Terrible Auditions for the Postal ServiceAimee Mann kind of sounds great.
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