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Climate Change

  1. turtle sex
    Watch The Daily Show Explain the Quirkier Side of Climate CrisisWelcome to the alt side of black-pilling.
  2. last night on late night
    Watch Seth Meyers Kick Off Climate Night With a Billy Joel ParodyWe did start the fire! With coal!
  3. book review
    Alexandra Kleeman Writes a Neo-Noir About an Even Thirstier HollywoodIn her novel Something New Under the Sun, Alexandra Kleeman writes a water war as disturbing as it is absurd.
  4. the inside track
    The Weather Station’s ‘Robber’ Is UnshakableThe song sets the tone for Ignorance, an album-length statement about climate anxiety.
  5. sequestration
    The Jane Fonda Workout Is Back, KindaShe wants you to work out for the planet.
  6. fire drill fridays
    Now You Can Fight Climate Change With Jane Fonda Via Virtual Fire Drill FridaysFonda’s Fire Drill Fridays are being held online for the forseeable future.
  7. fire drill fridays
    Sam Waterston Arrested for a Second Time Protesting Climate Change in D.C.There was a time you’d hate to hear that Sam Waterston got arrested multiple times. Now it’s 2020.
  8. fire drill fridays
    Lily Tomlin Closes Out Her 2019 in Handcuffs, Protesting Climate ChangeYou wore shorts to your family’s holiday party, and the Grace & Frankie star went to D.C. to do something about it.
  9. fire drill fridays
    Sally Field Joins Long List of Jane Fonda’s Friends Arrested for Climate ProtestIt’s not a Friday in D.C. if a BAFTA nominee doesn’t end up in zip ties.
  10. amas 2019
    Billie Eilish Wins New Artist of the Year, Reminds Us How Cool Teens Are at AMAsShe also made her awards-show performance debut.
  11. climate buds
    Greta Thunberg and Leo DiCaprio Share Instagram Post, Concern About FutureOnce upon a time in Hollywood, a climate superstar made time to take a photo with an actor fanboy.
  12. the law
    How Jane Fonda Convinces Her Famous Friends to Get Arrested“They have a profound experience during the arrest,” she says.
  13. protests
    Jane Fonda Arrested Once Again, This Time With Special Guest Star Ted DansonFonda’s climate protests continue into a third week.
  14. protests
    Sam Waterston and His Cable-Knit Sweater Also Got Arrested With Jane FondaAt Fonda’s weekly climate protest in D.C.
  15. back into the ocean
    How Climate Change Became The Affair’s Most Consequential CharacterShowrunner Sarah Treem explains the thinking behind the final season’s dire forecast for what life looks like in 34 short years.
  16. roll clip!
    You Still Wanna Be a Teacher After Watching Renata’s Big Little Lies Meltdown?The new litmus test for aspiring teachers everywhere.
  17. Ted Danson on The Good Place’s Points System and How to Fix It“It’s impossible!”
  18. climate change
    Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn But Not Bill Nye on Last Week TonightThe science guy stopped by John Oliver’s HBO show to ask how fun he has to make learning about climate change before you start caring.
  19. tv review
    Our Planet Is a Beautiful but Punishing Glimpse of Earth’s Worst-Case ScenarioNetflix’s new David Attenborough–narrated nature documentary series feels like the biggest, nicest snuff film ever made.
  20. author profile
    John Lanchester’s Fiction Tells the TruthThe British essayist and novelist knows all about self-deception. His new novel, The Wall, is the climate warning we desperately need.
  21. last night on late night
    Netflix’s Hasan Minhaj Calls Out Netflix’s Bodyguard Over Islamophobia“Oh, to be white!”
  22. last night on late night
    SNL Tries to Scare You Into Caring About Climate ChangeYou might lose your yarn, white women!
  23. art
    The End of Nature at Storm King Art Center in New YorkA new exhibition features works by artists responding to mankind’s not so stately ordering up of a change in the world’s weather.
  24. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert and Al Gore Share Their Climate-Change Pickup LinesYou’ll redouble your efforts to help the environment, because, man, we cannot go out with pickup lines this bad.
  25. Trevor Noah Recaps Trump’s Bachelor-like Rejection of the Paris Climate AccordIt all came down to the final Rose (Garden announcement).
  26. friendly wagers
    Bill Nye on His New Netflix Show and His $10,000 Bet for Tucker CarlsonThe Science Guy on his new Netflix series, climate-change skeptics, and his Fox sparring partner.
  27. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel Trailer: ‘Despair Can Be Paralyzing’Things were very, very bad. Then along came Trump.
  28. climate change
    Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye Pitch Trump on Climate Change“It is reasonable to me that, if we can show an economic benefit to turning things around, we can turn things around.”
  29. sundance 2017
    Al Gore’s Dire An Inconvenient Truth SequelAl Gore ain’t afraid of no Trump.
  30. weather channel
    Weather Channel Rains Down Facts on Breitbart “To all my fellow scientists out there: Let’s make the facts louder than the opinion.”
  31. trailer mix
    Watch the Powerful In This Climate Doc Trailer“How can you not notice all the things that are changing?”
  32. climate change
    Watch Leo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Doc OnlineNat Geo released Before the Flood on YouTube.
  33. get out the vote
    Aziz Ansari Is Not Happy About Asking Millennials to Vote “Seriously?! This video is going to make the difference?”
  34. climate change
    Leonardo DiCaprio Is in Hot Water With a Climate GroupHe is alleged to have received funds related to a Malaysian corruption scandal that involves deforestation of the rainforest.
  35. climate change
    Hear Reznor’s Song for DiCaprio’s Climate DocOnce again, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have teamed up.
  36. climate change
    Leo DiCaprio Calls Out Climate-Change Deniers The actor moderated a panel at the White House’s South by South Lawn festival.
  37. a little planet saving music
    David Letterman Returns to Stop Climate ChangeTop 10 Ways Not to Destroy the Ecosystem!
  38. democratic national convention 2016
    Watch James Cameron’s Climate-Change Short FilmDroughts, storms, floods and fires.
  39. the industry
    Leo DiCaprio to Produce YA Post-Apocalypse MovieBased on the book by Kayla Olson.
  40. climate change
    Radiohead’s Thom Yorke DJs Climate March on a Polar Bear FloatWhen it comes to climate change, Thom Yorke isn’t scaremongering. This is really happening, happening.
  41. mean tweets
    Bill Nye Reads Mean Tweets, Responds SeriouslyHe also suggests that watching paint dry could be interesting, because science.
  42. celebrity advocacy
    Leonardo DiCaprio Takes on Climate-Change Skeptics in U.N. Speech“I am not a scientist, but I don’t need to be.”