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  1. Daisy Ridley’s Ophelia Is a Juicy, Crowd-Pleasing Shakespeare RevampBut perhaps, given the runaway strength of Naomi Watts’s supporting performance, it should have been titled Gertrude.
  2. M. Butterfly Broadway Revival Starring Clive Owen to Close in JanuaryThe Julie Taymor–directed production was originally scheduled to run through February 25.
  3. what could have been
    This Is What Season 3 of The Knick Would’ve Looked LikePer Steven Soderbergh, of course.
  4. the cancellation
    The Knick Gets Officially Canceled by Cinemax After 2 SeasonsYou were good, Thack.
  5. casting couch
    Clive Owen to Star in Julie Taymor’s Broadway Revival of M. Butterfly Premiering October 26, 2017.
  6. This Stunning Shot in Children of Men Was Completely an AccidentIf only we could all make these kinds of mistakes. 
  7. How Children of Men Became a Dystopian MasterpieceThe overlooked 2006 film gets more relevant with every passing day.
  8. accentuate the positive (and the negative)
    Ranking American Accents of TV’s Foreign ActorsWe gave leading dialect coaches a list of foreign-born actors portraying Americans on TV. Here’s their breakdown of the imitation game.
  9. casting couch
    Clive Owen Would Like to Make You LaughSo he’s joining The King of the Castle.
  10. matt zoller seitz
    TV Review: HBO’s Hemingway & Gellhorn Is Silly and Smart Director Philip Kaufman’s biopic of the writer and his third wife is simultaneously stirring and ridiculous.
  11. trailer mix
    Intruders Trailer: Clive Owen’s Not-So-American Horror StoryMeet Hollow Face, the new ghostly baddie.
  12. trailer mix
    Hemingway & Gellhorn Trailer: Clive Owen Has Shot a Charging Lion“Writing’s like Mass. God gets mad if you don’t show up.”
  13. intruders
    See Clive Owen in the Unsettling Poster for IntrudersClive, Clive, Clive. Are you trying to scare us? Because it’s so working!
  14. See Clive Owen’s Spanish Burger King CommercialAy, dios mio.
  15. Clive Owen Books Another Action RoleIn Recall.
  16. trailer mix
    Killer Elite Trailer: Watch Jason Statham Beat Up Clive Owen, a LotPoor Clive.
  17. clickables
    Watch a Teaser Trailer for Clive Owen’s IntrudersLook out behind you, Clive.
  18. exclusive
    Clive Owen Joins IRA Movie From Man on Wire Director James MarshIt’s called ‘Shadow Dancer,’ for now.
  19. trailer mix
    Why Is Clive Owen in a David Schwimmer Movie About Sexual Predators?Today’s puzzler.
  20. elizabeth taylor
    Jolie, Zeta-Jones Interested In Elizabeth Taylor RoleAnd Crowe, Farrell and Owen are potential Burtons.
  21. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Kidman, Owen, CagePlus: Simon Baker and Paul Bettany join ‘Margin Call.’
  22. the industry
    Mexican Gangs Are No Match for Clive OwenPlus: Beer! Zombies! Mobsters!
  23. quote machine
    Vampire Weekend Guy Dreams a DreamPlus: Bill Paxton is so tired of all these wives.
  24. the industry
    Jonah Hill Will Morph Into a 7-Year-Old Cartoon CharacterPlus: Clive Owen! Catherine Keener! Bros!
  25. quote machine
    Russell Crowe Is a Poet And He Totally Knows ItPlus: Miley Cyrus has issues.
  26. quote machine
    Julia Roberts Not About to Let Clive Owen Forget About Her OscarPlus: Amy Poehler is reasonably nervous about her new show.
  27. in the magazine
    Clive Owen’s Ridiculous Rise, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkNate Silver predicts the Oscars! ‘Katyn’! Armond White! Handwriting!
  28. decisions decisions decisions
    Duplicity vs. The International: How Should You Allocate Your Clive Owen Budget?You can thank us later!
  29. comebacks
    You Remember Julia Roberts, Don’t You?How will audiences react to a big movie star like Julia Roberts in these ‘Blart’-ish times that we’re living in?
  30. the industry
    Clive Owen to Save World From DrugsPlus: Elizabeth Ashley joins ‘August: Osage County.’
  31. the industry
    They Are Actually Trying to Convince Ryan Gosling to Play Jack RyanPlus: Laurence Fishburne has never made a bad movie.
  32. the industry
    Joss Whedon Returns to TV — and Brings Faith With HimPlus industry news on Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, Meryl Streep and Julia Child, and Mulder and Scully.
  33. the take
    ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ Flops, and It’s All Your FaultDespite Vulture’s very best efforts, Shoot ‘Em Up was a box-office dud, bringing in just $5.45 million since opening on Friday.
  34. tube junkie
    Clive Owen Multitasks in ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’Things that will not stop Clive Owen from having sex with Monica Bellucci in this NSFW clip from Shoot ‘Em Up:
  35. quote machine
    Clive Owen Insanely Jealous of Christian BaleStephen Colbert, Corey Feldman, and more!
  36. quote machine
    Tracy Morgan Outlines Plan to Make Sobriety CoolGwen Stefani, Clive Owen, and more!
  37. the industry
    Universal Keeps Imagine in Stable, Brian Grazer in Hair GelPlus industry news about Naomi Watts, Septimus Heap, and Aaron Sorkin.
  38. the industry
    Spike Lee to Attend Theater for First Time in YearsSpike Lee will direct a re-mounting of World War II comedy-drama-mystery Stalag 17 on Broadway, produced by play’s original producer, Michael Abbott. Lee has never directed for the stage and, according to the NYT, can’t remember the last play he attended.
  39. the industry
    A Match Made in Noir Heaven: Clive Owen, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler