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    Why Doesn’t Cersei’s Hair Ever Grow?There are three alternatives here.
  2. close looks
    In Praise of Mandy Moore on This Is UsAnd everything else she’s been in.
  3. close looks
    It Was Really Cold on The Bachelor Last NightThere was no romantic tension in that barn. There was only shivering. 
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    Why Are Netflix Documentaries Obsessed With Slow-Motion Footage?Especially when it comes to filming men.
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    TV Dramas Are (Literally) Too Dark It doesn’t have to be this way.
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    Lisa Hanawalt on BoJack’s Best Sight Gags“If we have the opportunity to write something funny in there and add a joke, why not?”
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    The Mad Men Crew Made a Lot of Cameos in the Final SeasonGuess who’s about to overhear Stan’s declaration of love to Peggy? That would be production designer Dan Bishop.
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    Analyze This Photo From Arrested Development’s First Day BackJason Bateman tweeted from the set.
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    The Six Most Essential New Stills From Magic MikeIncluding Matt Bomer in a sailor’s outfit.
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    The Five Best Parts of the Oscars’ Class PictureIncluding Annette Bening on someone’s lap.