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    What Did Rihanna Whisper to Drake at the VMAs? An Investigation“That was funny”? “That wasn’t funny”? “That was fucked”?
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    Lorrie Moore Is Not a Carrie–Brody Shipper“They lack mutual trust or any palpable erotic vibe.”
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    Breaking Down the New York Review of Books’ Defense of GirlsIt’s here!
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    Evaluating The New York Review of Books Anti–Downton Abbey EssayOne “problem”: Downton Abbey is supposed to be in the North of England, but it’s so obviously filmed in the South.
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    The Adventures of Tintin Is a Lot Like Indiana JonesAt least according to all the reviews.
  6. Tom Cruise Is ‘Cocky,’ ‘Emo,’ and He ‘Looks Like a Maniac’ in Mission: ImpossibleBut hey, at least he did a lot of his own stunts.
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    Robert Pattinson Seems Pretty Familiar With Kristen Stewart’s ‘Fancy Moves’“I mean I didn’t actually want to have sex with him on set.”
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    Just How Awful Is Adam Sandler’s Jill Character in Jack and Jill?Really, really awful.
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    Coping With the Deschanel-Gibbard Breakup: Vulture Analyzes the Musical CluesWe’re just trying to understand.
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    We’re Not Saying One Day Has a Twist Ending … and Neither Are These CriticsOr how to talk about something you can’t talk about.
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    Can The Hour Sate Your Mad Men Craving?Mostly critics just want people to stop comparing them.
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    Every Movie Critic: 30 Minutes or Less Should Have Been 30 Minutes or LessWhich is to say, they didn’t like it.
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    The Change-Up Is Just Freaky Friday With More Poop, ApparentlyPlus schmaltz and bimbos.
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    Beyonce’s All Grown Up, and Other Observations From 4’s Reviews“If anyone can make a quiet Friday night come off like an open-bar blowout, it’s Beyoncé.”
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    Critics’ Best Backhanded Compliments of Michael Bay and Transformers: Dark of the Moon“The funniest, best-executed film in the Earth-protecting robots-that-look-like-cars-and-trucks series … [is] as head-slappingly stupid as ever.”
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    Is Poop Funny? Is Christopher Hitchens Wrong? And Other Key Questions Posed by the Reviews of BridesmaidsAre women now equal to men, thanks to this movie?
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    What Parts of Atlas Shrugged: Part One Did the Critics Find Most Ridiculous?Sex! Trains! Newspapers!
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    Matthew McConaughey Gets Well Reviewed in The Lincoln LawyerPigs fly, etc.
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    Three Things Other Than Twilight That Red Riding Hood Can Be Unfavorably Compared ToRenaissance fairs, burning man, M. Night Shyamalan.
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    So Just How Ugly Are the Aliens in I Am Number Four?The ones who aren’t Alex Pettyfer.
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    Keitel Reteams with De Niro and Makes Critics Sad: The Little Fockers Review RoundupHarvey Keitel and Robert De Niro try to make you forget ‘Mean Streets’ with something awful.
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    The Wackiest Descriptions of Jeff Bridges’s CGI-ed Face in Tron: Legacy“Rubbery Botox-android” and “animated death mask” among them.
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    The Craziest Descriptions of Angelina Jolie in Reviews of The TouristIncluding, but not limited to, “an alien and an impeccably attired mannequin” and “live-action version of Jessica Rabbit.”
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    Ke$ha’s New Video Attempts to Redefine the Term ‘Hard-core’So that “hard-core” and”glitter” are synonymous.
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    You Don’t Know Jack Poster Suggests You Do Know JackAnd he is a bad guy.