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  1. This Candlelight Vigil Is In Full Effect!, by Django GoldAlright! Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Ladies and gentlemen, I heard this candlelight vigil was going to be off the chain, but even […]
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    My Morning Jacket Got to Be Down With the Muppets After AllHear MMJ’s take on Muppets classic “Our World.”
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    Help This Asheville Resident Get Some Lost ClosureHe’s offering free breakfast, too.
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    Broadway’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson to CloseWho knew a glammy musical offering a revisionist take on the seventh presidency would be such a hard sell?
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    Final Episodes of Pushing Daisies Finally Get AirdatesIt’s a crappy time slot, but at least we don’t have to wait until July!
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    Pushing Daisies Gets an Overseas ReprieveThe show’s final season will air uninterrupted in England.