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  1. clueless
    Clueless Spin-off About Dionne Plows Through Stops Signs and Lands at PeacockFocused on her life at Bronson Alcott High School without Cher.
  2. movies
    Ageless Wonder Paul Rudd Is the Most Like His Clueless CharacterAccording to Alicia Silverstone.
  3. friday night movie club
    Clueless Is a Great Teen Movie. It’s Also a Satire About the White and Wealthy.We go back to this movie over and over because it’s fun. But we don’t talk enough about how it cleverly critiques Cher’s obliviousness.
  4. deaths
    Kim Shattuck, Lead Singer of the Muffs, Dead at 56She was diagnosed with ALS two years ago.
  5. theater
    Amy Heckerling on the ’90s Hits That Made It Into Clueless, the Musical’N Sync got in. The Backstreet Boys? Sadly, that didn’t work out.
  6. remakes
    A Clueless Remake Is Reportedly Being Made, As If We Needed OneProduced by a co-writer of Girls Trip.
  7. theater
    Clueless, the Musical Will Roll Onto Off Broadway This FallIt’s part of the New Group’s 2018–2019 season.
  8. politics
    Stacey Dash Withdraws From California Congressional RunThe Clueless star had filed to run for a seat in California’s 44th Congressional District.
  9. chat room
    Amy Heckerling on Clueless, Wedding Films“It could be nineteen-fucking-fifty again.”
  10. there goes your social life
    Bradley Cooper, Seth Rogen Audition for CluelessFour full-on Monets.
  11. musicals
    Amy Heckerling Wants Katy Perry for the Clueless MusicalShe hopes it’ll go up next year.
  12. swoon
    The Oral History of Clueless’s Climactic KissAn excerpt from the new As If!: The Oral History of Clueless.
  13. what-ifs
    What If Reese Witherspoon Starred in Clueless?Weird.
  14. The 20 Best Comedy Movies of All TimeThe funniest movies tend to burrow into our brains like no other form of popular entertainment. Through repeated viewings and earworm quotes, […]
  15. crossovers
    Is Usher’s New Justin Bieber the Cheerio’s Bee?Bzzz.
  16. chat room
    Donald Faison on Exes and His Clueless Braces“It kind of looked weird when I smiled.”
  17. the quote quiz
    Can You Guess Famous Clueless Lines From Just a GIF?Yet another installment of Vulture’s Quote Quiz.
  18. party chat
    Katy Perry Has Expressed Interest in the Clueless MusicalAccording to Amy Heckerling.
  19. micro oral histories
    Suck and Blow: The Oral History of the Clueless Party SceneAlicia Silverstone, Amy Heckerling, Breckin Meyer, and others remember the “pretty random fiesta” with a Coolio track on the playlist.
  20. guest stars
    Dan Hedaya Will Guest-Star on The Mindy ProjectHe’s playing somebody’s dad.
  21. chat room
    Director Amy Heckerling on Her Clueless ReunionPlus, Sean Penn’s Spicoli chair. (“Big deal.”)
  22. movies
    Alicia Silverstone on Her Clueless Reunion With Amy HeckerlingCher Horowitz, reanimated.
  23. See Proof That the Brooklyn Nets Cheerleaders Were Inspired by CluelessAs if!
  24. chat room
    Clueless Writer-Director Amy Heckerling on Her New Alicia Silverstone Movie, VampsIt’s about girly vampires.
  25. Clueless’ Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto to Gloriously Reunite on […]Yeah, it’s kinda lame when a show gets two actors who happened to be in a beloved movie together decades ago on the same screen again and calls […]
  26. No More Chick Flicks, PleaseSay the phrase “chick flicks” and usually everyone around you, male or female, will roll their eyes. The prevailing notion is that “chick […]
  27. Watching Clueless For the First TimeSeeing as how it’s Women In Comedy week here at Splitsider, I thought it would be appropriate to watch a comedy from a female writer and/or […]