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  1. ye
    Kanye’s Sunday Services Are Getting an AlbumKim teased a track list on Twitter today.
  2. taylor said gay rights
    Taylor Swift Teases a Proud, Rainbow-Soaked ‘You Need to Calm Down’ VideoThe video drops Monday morning, according to Tay’s Instagram.
  3. this! is! jeopardy!
    Can You Answer the Jeopardy! Clues James Holzhauer Couldn’t?Take this quiz to find out.
  4. way too close reads
    What the Hell Do All These Taylor Swift Clues Mean? An InvestigationLet us guide you down her pastel-aesthetic rabbit hole of insanity.
  5. whodunit
    Sharp Objects: The 4 Biggest Clues About the Killer’s IdentityWe should have known all along.
  6. 80s nostalgia
    What Will Be the Next Greatest Event in Television History?Hmmm. Where have we seen that couch before?
  7. clues
    Plot Point Revealed for New Arrested DevelopmentHere’s why the first day of shooting took place in an airport.
  8. Here’s a Clip from the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Premiere Andy! Andy! I don’t think it’s just gum. At first, it looked like only gum but then, when they cut back to you, the gum was in the shape of a […]
  9. clues
    Try Solving This Parks and Recreation Mystery!What is going on in Pawnee?
  10. lost
    Lost Poster’s Hieroglyphics Yield Cryptic Clues About Season SixAnd they’re so very “meaningful.”