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  1. party chat
    Phil Collins Has Never Heard of Coachella“Love, peace, and music, and nothing but love, peace, and music?”
  2. outkast reunion watch
    The Outkast Coachella Reunion Is HappeningDreams do come true.
  3. dare to dream
    The Outkast Coachella Reunion Sure Seems RealSleepy Brown says so.
  4. chat room
    Johnny Marr on Going Solo, Turning 50, and Fond Memories of the Smiths“To be alternative in a field full of English snobs was quite a feat.”
  5. coachella
    What You’ve Missed at Coachella So FarA surprise cameo by R. Kelly, for one thing.
  6. daft punk
    Daft Punk Reveals List of Random Access Memories CollaboratorsAnd it’s a doozy.
  7. music festivals
    2013 Coachella Lineup: Blur, Phoenix, Stone RosesAnd all the other bands.
  8. expanding
    Coachella Might Start Hosting Up to Five Annual FestivalsAnd it’s looking to stay put in Indio, California until 2030.
  9. anchors away!
    Pulp Will Be On the Coachella Cruise! [Updated]Do holograms work on the water?
  10. location location location
    Coachella Is Staying PutA tax bill is scuttled that could have provoked the music festival to change locations.
  11. music festivals
    Coachella Doubling Down Again in 2013Planning ahead.
  12. resurrections
    Dr. Dre Says Cool It With the Hologram Tour Rumors“If a tour happens, we’ll see.”
  13. clickables
    See a Mocking ‘All-Hologram’ Version of the Coachella LineupHeadlined by Michael Jackson, The Clash, and Mozart!
  14. Injury Be Damned, Childish Gambino Played Coachella At Coachella this weekend, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover aka Chilly Gumbo rapped and sang and jumped around for a […]
  15. resurrections
    Tupac’s Hologram Actually Did Play CoachellaShirtless, no less.
  16. technology
    A Nate Dogg Hologram Will Play CoachellaAnd also maybe Tupac?
  17. weather reports
    Will It Rain at Coachella?The weather is looking cold and damp this weekend.
  18. Coachella Entirely Sold Out Within Three HoursFirst weekend within less than two hours.
  19. Coachella Lineup Announced: Radiohead, Black Keys, Dre & SnoopSee who else made the list.
  20. music festivals
    Coachella Is Doubling DownTwo weekends!
  21. clickables
    Rock Out to The National With Eric Wareheim and Some Committed BrosNothing says dance party like “Bloodbuzz Ohio.”
  22. coachella
    Lil B Had a Pretty Eventful Coachella“Im’ma make an album called ‘I’m Gay,’ right?”
  23. coachella
    Everyone Liked Arcade Fire’s Coachella Set, TooSee them play “Wake Up.”
  24. kanye
    Watch Kanye Play CoachellaLooks good. Sounds good. With tutus.
  25. music
    Cee Lo’s Sound Cut at CoachellaHe left “amid boos.”
  26. clickables
    Here’s the Most Random Sale of Coachella Tickets Ever“I love Kanye but my cheese production is way down.”
  27. clickables
    Pick Your Favorite of This Year’s Fake Coachella PostersFauxchella or Brochella?
  28. jams
    Kanye, Arcade Fire, the Strokes Headlining CoachellaThe 2011 festival has an impressive lineup.
  29. music
    Intoxicated Coachella Attendee Struggles to Put on Flip-flopFlip-flops are pretty tricky, though. So flippy, so floppy.
  30. coachella
    Headlining Coachella, MGMT Leave the ‘Kids’ at HomeBand skips arguably their biggest hit.
  31. oh no
    Oh No! Coachella Brings Back Rap-RockThe genre everyone loves to hate is “recovering some of its early promise.”
  32. coachella
    Coachella Lineup: Jay-Z, Thom Yorke, Gorillaz, Etc.Plus: Pavement, LCD Soundsystem, and a bunch of other guys.
  33. festivals
    Coachella Scores Second-Best Year EverAre music festivals recession-proof?
  34. festivals
    Is the Success of Coachella a Good Sign for the Concert Industry?Or does that just mean people won’t be able to afford any other concerts all summer?
  35. m.i.a.
    M.I.A. Officially Recovered From Baby-HavingM.I.A. is a confirmed performer at next month’s Coachella.
  36. music festivals
    Coachella or BustWe’re going with ‘bust’ this year.
  37. chat room
    Portishead on Avoiding the Media, Playing Coachella, and Their Tense New Album“We want to do something creative and interesting, but when you play live, you just end up on the same stage as fucking Limp Bizkit.”
  38. right-click
    Save $300 Plus Time-Machine Development Costs: Listen to Prince’s Coachella ‘Creep’Plus new tracks from Free Kitten, the Roots, and Kidz in the Hall.
  39. the industry
    Jeffrey Wright Is Swimming in Some Muddy WatersPlus: Ryan Gosling as Jack Ryan?
  40. the early-evening news
    Stephen Colbert Immortalized, At Least for Six WeeksThe pundit’s portrait finally makes it to the walls of the Smithsonian.
  41. beef
    Rage Against the Machine Hate Bush. Finally!
  42. right-click
    Interpol Unveils New Music, Mustache