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    Cobra Kai Season 3 Sends Mixed Nostalgia MessagesThe series argues that nostalgia is toxic but also can’t stop reminding us that the ’80s rule.
  2. overnights
    Cobra Kai Season-Finale Recap: O Holy FightThe season wraps in true Cobra Kai fashion with some giant karate brawls and the promise of a big tournament to come.
  3. overnights
    Cobra Kai Recap: Ali Want for ChristmasWe’re spending a little too much time on romance and not enough time on ass kicking.
  4. overnights
    Cobra Kai Recap: Tournament of LiesIf Daniel, Johnny, and Kreese want City Council to believe that karate isn’t about fighting, couldn’t they agree not to fight over their tournament?
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Cool and the FangJohnny’s grand plans are no match for the realities of L.A. real estate.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: The Chozen OneAn underground Dee Snyder concert, some old-man karate, and a battle in an abandoned laser tag arena — what more could a Cobra Kai fan ask for?
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Turning JapaneseAn action-light episode instead puts its energy toward revisiting some of this show’s most classic themes.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Money for NothingJohnny and Daniel both have to focus on something other than doing karate for a change, and it’s frankly pretty boring!
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Making a KreeseAt the end of this supersize episode, only one person has a protégé left, and it’s not the one you’d think.
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    Cobra Kai Season-Premiere Recap: All-Out Karate RiotIn the wake of last season’s martial-arts melee, it’s clear that karate can hurt, but perhaps karate can also heal.
  11. fight! fight! fight!
    Every Cobra Kai Fight You Need to RememberA refresher on the major physical confrontations, internal struggles, and personal beefs that will shape season three.
  12. kickpunch
    Cobra Kai Will Wax on for a Fourth SeasonAnd season 3 will premiere January 8.
  13. streaming wars
    Cobra Kai Crane-Kicks From YouTube to Netflix for Its Third SeasonThe first two seasons will also stream on Netflix.
  14. obits
    Rob Garrison, Karate Kid Actor, Dead at 59Garrison played the role of Tommy in the original 1984 film, The Karate Kid Part II in 1986, and YouTube’s Cobra Kai.
  15. tv review
    Cobra Kai Is a Clever, Reverent Update to The Karate KidThe new YouTube Red series will remind you of The Karate Kid, but it’s also an interesting look at nostalgia.
  16. chat room
    Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on Stepping Back into the Karate Kid DojoAnd why the YouTube revival of their ‘80s classic is “a similar angle to Creed.”