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  1. drugs
    Eurovision Says Winner Wasn’t Doing Cocaine on Live TV, But Come OnThe Italian singer will take a drug test.
  2. great causes
    Josh Gondelman Says He Won’t Try Cocaine Despite Growing DemandsBut you should still sign the petition.
  3. me: elton john
    Elton John, Turned on by Coke, Liked to Watch Men Have Sex, New Memoir Reveals“I found it was an aphrodisiac, which is strange, because for most people it kills the erection side of things completely.”
  4. extortion
    Blackmail From Cocaine Dealer Led to Former ESPN Chief’s Surprising ResignationJohn Skipper resigned in December to deal with a longtime “substance addiction.”
  5. party chats
    Carrie Fisher Now Says She Doesn’t Think Trump Used Cocaine at the DebateWalking back a tweet.
  6. new shows
    Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer Producing ‘Untitled Cocaine Project’For TNT, natch.
  7. Adam Newman Becomes the Second Comedian This Year to Find Cocaine on a […] Earlier this month, L.A.-based stand-up Jake Weisman was heckled during a performance and invited the heckler up, only to have him […]
  8. Jake Weisman Invites a Heckler Onstage and Finds Cocaine on Him Here’s a video of L.A.-based comedian Jake Weisman performing at a the Hell Yes festival in New Orleans on Saturday when a heckler interrupts […]
  9. Hannibal Buress Figures Out a Good Reason To Do Cocaine There are a lot of really great stand-ups out there but nobody kills it on late night like Hannibal. If this were 30 years ago, Carson would […]
  10. sadface
    Whitney Houston’s Death Ruled AccidentalCocaine use and heart disease contributed to her accidental drowning.
  11. drugs
    Instead of Drinking Cocktails, Dennis Quaid Used to Snort Cocaine“Cocaine was even in the budgets of movies.”
  12. take me home tonight
    Another Reason for the Take Me Home Tonight DelaysScenes of cocaine use another reason for the holdup.
  13. snow
    Star Wars’ Ice Planet of Hoth Actually a Coke DenWell, Carrie Fisher admits to on-set cocaine use, anyway.
  14. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Charles Barkley’s Fashion Advice For Kobe BryantPlus, Matthew Fox gives a totally acceptable answer when Jimmy Fallon forces him to choose between Kate and Juliet. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.
  15. quote machine
    Seth Rogen Attempts to Squash Beef With Lindsay LohanPlus: Lady Gaga on the inspirational powers of cocaine.