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Colin Trevorrow

  1. Colin Trevorrow’s Firing Means No Director Will Ever Be Bigger Than Star Wars“He’s a difficult guy. He’s really, really, really confident. Let’s call it that.”
  2. Colin Trevorrow Will No Longer Direct Star Wars: Episode IXDisney broke the news in an official statement.
  3. auteur theory
    Colin Trevorrow Insists He’s Great for Star Wars Despite Book of Henry CriticismLet ’em speak.
  4. ouch
    Colin Trevorrow Is Pretty Sad About Those ‘Heartbreaking’ Book of Henry ReviewsThe Star Wars: Episode IX director is trying to keep things in perspective.
  5. the book of ennui
    Could The Book of Henry Really Get Colin Trevorrow Kicked Off Star Wars?The director can relax: He’s probably safe.
  6. sensible shoes
    Jurassic 2 Gives Bryce Dallas Howard New ShoesThe heels are no more.
  7. the industry
    DuVernay Drops Out of Lupita’s Intelligent LifeWomp.
  8. last night on late night
    Jacob Tremblay Pitches Himself for Star Wars IXRoom is a great movie … but you can’t compare it to Star Wars!”
  9. the industry
    Nyong’o Might Star in DuVernay-Helmed ThrillerThe script comes from Colin Trevorrow.
  10. in a galaxy far far away
    Colin Trevorrow Wants to Film Star Wars IX in Space, LiterallyIn space, no one can hear you make a multi-billion-dollar franchise.
  11. mmmm streaming
    Dissecting Sandler’s Ridiculous 6 Netflix RecordIt’s Netflix’s entertainment landscape. We’re just browsing in it.
  12. sexism
    Joss Whedon Thinks Jurassic World Looks Pretty ‘’70s-Era Sexist’He has a point. 
  13. remakes
    Flight of the Navigator Remake Gets New WritersIt’s the duo behind Safety Not Guaranteed.
  14. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Lawrence, Grahame-SmithPlus: Guided By Voices reveals tour details.
  15. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Sofia Vergara, Jamie FoxxPlus: Evanescence to drop new album this fall.