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  1. collegehumor
    CollegeHumor Is Launching Its Very Own Subscription Comedy ServiceCalled Dropout.
  2. Inside ‘Hot Date’ with Emily Axford and Brian Murphy“Sense of humor” is often cited as one of the top three personality traits that people look for in a partner, and it’s probably just as […]
  3. Here’s an Episode of CollegeHumor’s New Game Show ‘I Want My Phone Back’CollegeHumor premiered a new game show created by Luke Kelly-Clyne on Comcast’s Watchable platform last month called I Want My Phone Back, and […]
  4. Adam Ruins Everything Except For This Interview We all have that one overzealous friend who is perpetually primed with a Wikipedia-like bank of information just in case someone in their […]
  5. Check Out CollegeHumor’s ‘Black Mirror’ Parody Series ‘Bad Internet’Today, a new series debuts on YouTube Red from CollegeHumor called Bad Internet, and if you want a sneak peek, they’ve made the first episode […]
  6. CollegeHumor Looks Beyond the Internet The Big Breakfast studios – CollegeHumor’s production company that opened shop in Los Angeles two years ago – currently sit opposite of a […]
  7. ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Finds the Joy in Telling You Your Assumptions Are […]Everything you thought you knew is wrong, and Adam Conover is going to tell you about it. This is the premise of Adam Ruins Everything, […]
  8. nick offerman
    Watch a Goofy Country Duet Between Real Life Couple Nick Offerman and Megan MullallyAh, young love. Young, funny love.
  9. clickables
    Watch Battlestar Galactica As a 16-Bit Video GameA delightful combo of BSG, RPG, and parody.
  10. batman
    Watch Batman Choose His VoiceChristian Bale, what have you done?
  11. Rainn Wilson Is Dyna-Woman, a Lady Superhero Who’s Seen Better Days Rainn Wilson hooked up with the CollegeHumor crew to make “The Fall of Dyna-Woman,” a Dateline-style piece about a female superhero a few […]
  12. CollegeHumor Moves Towards Long-Arc Narratives with Full Benefits Here’s the season two finale of CollegeHumor’s Full Benefits, by far the site’s most narrative-based series and a real departure from what […]
  13. ‘Viral videos aren’t just about being funny. They’re about identity […]This week’s New York profile of CollegeHumor co-founder and CEO Ricky Van Veen is an interesting look at how your viral comedy video sausage […]
  14. Today in David Bowie/Bing Crosby ‘Little Drummer Boy’ Parodies The 1977 performance of “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” by David Bowie and Bing Crosby, done just a year before Crosby’s death, is a […]
  15. A Case Against Going to Grad School CollegeHumor takes aim at grad school with their new video, “Honest Grad School Commercial.” They aren’t wrong! Unless you’re getting your MFA […]
  16. Michael Ian Black Gives a Press Conference in a Burning Building Michael Ian Black joined CollegeHumor for this new video that has him calmly giving a press conference on the state of the room in which the […]
  17. Today In Commercial Parodies: Business Stilts and Uggcitrin Here are two great new commercial parodies, both released today. The first is above, from CollegeHumor, for a lovely product called Business […]
  18. Beware the Approaching Nerdocaust Here’s a pretty great new video from CollegeHumor, taking the whole college movie jock vs. nerd battle to its logical and unsettling […]
  19. CollegeHumor’s Workplace Romance Full Benefits Starts Season 2 Here’s the first episode from season 2 (already!) of CollegeHumor’s Full Benefits, in which our heros need to explain their newly-outed and […]
  20. If Other Directors Did The Social Network Here’s CollegeHumor’s latest, “If Other Directors Did The Social Network.” It envisions the movie if it was directed by people like Wes […]
  21. The President Has Never Seen Rocky In this new CollegeHumor video, the president, played by Seinfeld’s Patrick Warburton, reveals to the press corps that he’s never seen the […]
  22. Meet John Raven, Your Friendly Local Native American Drug Dealer Here’s the latest episode of Hello, My Name Is, CollegeHumor’s improvised series in which actor Josh Ruben gets made up to look like a crazy […]
  23. What Commercials Will Look Like if Prop 19 Passes Prop 19, which would legalize marijuana, is on the ballot today in California. If it passes, CollegeHumor imagines what commercials will start […]
  24. CollegeHumor’s Full Benefits Wraps Up Season 1; Season 2 Coming in 3 Weeks Here’s the last episode in the first “season” of CollegeHumor’s new series Full Benefits. The web series was a pretty serious departure from […]
  25. Rob Heubel Leads an Action Movie Pun Briainstorm CollegeHumor is moving into Funny or Die territory, now releasing a new video every week with a known star rather than sticking to their core […]
  26. Can Branded Content Be Funny?When Chuck did it, we laughed at them, not with them. When 30 Rock does it, or pretty much every other capital-G Good show on TV right now for […]
  27. Paul Scheer Gets Fired From a Bunch of Shows, Goes to AfricaPaul Scheer has a couple of new videos out today. The first, above, is Paul’s deleted scenes from a bunch of shows, from Mad Men to Lost. The […]
  28. The Phantom of the Office Hosts a Haunted House The Phantom of the Office is probably my favorite of Streeter Seidell’s CollegeHumor characters. In his latest video, the Phantom hosts a […]
  29. inception
    South Park Creators Apologize for Copying Inception Parody: ‘We’re Stupid’“In the end, there are some lines that we had to call and apologize for.”
  30. Update: South Park Copied CollegeHumor By MistakeIt turns out that the South Park/CollegeHumor issue was a mistake by the South Park guys. Here’s Dan Gurewitch, who co-wrote the original CH […]
  31. inception
    Was South Park’s Inception Spoof Too Similar to College Humor’s?Or maybe there’s really only one way to parody ‘Inception.’
  32. Did South Park Rip Off CollegeHumor?On this week’s South Park, they made fun of Inception, including a scene in which the characters from the movie try to explain the […]
  33. If All Movies Had Smartphones Many movie premises are based on principle characters not having access to important information, a situation becoming all the more improbably […]
  34. The Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the WeekDid you not have time to watch funny videos this week, what with work and life keeping you busy? Don’t worry, you can catch up with the week’s […]
  35. Very Mary Kate Returns With a Full Series on CollegeHumor Elaine Carroll’s wonderful Very Mary Kate web series, in which she plays one half of the Olsen twins and sometimes both halves, is back after […]
  36. The Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the WeekDid you not have time to watch funny videos this week, what with work and life keeping you busy? Don’t worry, you can catch up with the week’s […]
  37. Nicholas Cage’s Agent Has a Very Difficult Job Wait a minute, didn’t Michael Keaton already make Lantern Jack?
  38. Jackass For Girls To be fair, I don’t think Steve-O likes brushing his teeth with a one night stand’s toothbrush either.
  39. CollegeHumor Moves Towards the TV Model with a New Fall ScheduleCollegeHumor is launching three new Fall shows this week, all of which have a defined run and the potential to be picked up for another […]
  40. CollegeHumor Tackles Ripping Off vs. Inspiration Either the gang at CollegeHumor wrote and shot this this morning, or they really got lucky with their timing here. In the context of this […]
  41. CollegeHumor’s Anime Goes on a Date Blurs the TV/Web LineVideos like this show just how blurry the line between TV and web videos are, at least in terms of production quality. Think about shows like […]
  42. The Fuck You Board GameThey really go for it with the profanity and young children, right? It’s pretty great. I wonder how many stage parents they had to talk to […]
  43. If Only Those Protesters Knew How Fun the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Is Going to […]From CollegeHumor: if only all those protesters had looked at the plans for Park 51, there wouldn’t be all this hullabaloo.
  44. Grandpa + Vampire = Grampire, NaturallyCollegeHumor’s long-running Hardly Working series has the enviable ability to take something relatively simple, like a pun (Grampire, get […]
  45. M. Night Shymalan’s Career Is Officially a JokeCollegeHumor takes on critical punching bag M. Night Shymalan, turning his entire career into a movie with a not-so-surprise ending.
  46. The Gooch I think CollegeHumor videos are at their best when they take a concept to an absurd conclusion, ending with pure, undiluted ridiculousness. […]
  47. music
    See ‘Galactic Empire State of Mind,’ the Star Wars–Jay-Z Mash-UpIn ‘Staaar Waaars,’ etc.
  48. movies
    Watch ‘Blue People,’ a Montage of Cinematic Blueness“I just blue myself.”
  49. ben silverman
    Ben Silverman Up for Dream Job As Boss of CollegeHumorBarry Diller is considering putting CollegeHumor under Electus’s control.
  50. it's funny because it's true
    College Humor Imagines What Life Would Be Like ‘In an Apatow World’This song from College Humor is right to point out that, in Judd Apatow’s world, stoners are the new studs.
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