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  1. the law
    Diddy Would Like to Be Excluded From Comcast’s Inclusion NarrativeThe broadcaster is in the middle of a Supreme Court racial-discrimination lawsuit.
  2. year in culture 2018
    What America Loved to Watch in 2018, According to Comcast’s VOD RatingsGame of Thrones didn’t have new episodes in 2018, but by at least one metric, it’s still the most popular show on TV.
  3. the industry
    Comcast Wins Bid to Purchase Sky and Here’s What That MeansDon’t worry, none of this has math in it.
  4. the industry
    Comcast Might Outbid Disney for 21st Century FoxComcast says it has prepared an all-cash offer “premium to the value of the current all-share offer from Disney.”
  5. exclusive
    What America Loved to Watch in 2017And more trivia from Comcast’s video-on-demand ratings data.
  6. the industry
    Why a Murdoch Sale Could Spell Doom for the Fox NetworkIndustry insiders speculate it could become “a hybrid of Fox News and ESPN.”
  7. resurrections
    Try Not to Shriek, But Comcast Is Looking to Revive ShrekComcast wants to make a whole load of Shreks.
  8. across the streaming-verse
    Apple and Comcast in Talks for Streaming ServiceComcast is really going for it this year.
  9. stream wars
    Netflix to Pay Comcast for Direct Access to Its BroadbandTo ensure smoother streaming.
  10. the joy of streaming
    Comcast Letting Subscribers Stream 35 Channels Other cable companies will likely follow suit.
  11. Jay Leno Nibbles the Hand that Feeds Him Over Recent Layoffs This is probably the first time he’s told a joke he’s believed in in 15 years. They come after 20+ members of The Tonight Show staff were […]
  12. Despite a ‘Tremendous’ Pay Cut for Jay Leno, 20+ ‘Tonight Show’ Employees […]Right when The Tonight Show’s opening theme kicked in Friday night, at 11:30pm, reports started coming out about firings. Somewhere around […]
  13. tv ratings
    NBC Posts Highest Ratings Ever for a Non-U.S. Olympics Opening CeremonyEight percent more than for Beijing.
  14. breaking
    A Change at the Top of USA NetworkThat’s not much of a change.
  15. mergers and acquisitions
    Comcast Officially Approved to Take Over NBC UniversalAfter thirteen months, the deal is finally approved.
  16. al franken
    Al Franken Seeks Probe Into Comcast’s Exec AnnouncementsDid Comcast speak too soon?
  17. the industry
    Comcast Officially Hires New Executive to Try to Save NBCAnd keeps around some NBC vets.
  18. the future is coming
    Comcast Launches New Streaming SiteThere are 150,000 free videos available to subscribers, and the message to Hulu and Netflix is clear.
  19. the industry
    Jeff Zucker Out at NBCWell, that took long enough.
  20. golden parachutes
    Zucker May Get Paid $30m to Leave NBC a MessBut at least he’s leaving.
  21. zuckered
    Comcast CEO Has No Plans to Move NBC to Cable (for Now)It also appears that Jeff Zucker’s job is safe (for now).
  22. deals
    Mr. Zucker Goes to WashingtonNBC CEO to kick it with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s anti-trust panel.
  23. beefs
    Public-Interest Groups Complain to the Government About Comcast/NBCU MergerIt stinks, they say.
  24. honchos
    Jeff Zucker Signs a New Contract With NBCUJay Leno is thrilled.
  25. Comcast Might Change NBCU’s Name, MaybeIt’s easier than firing Zucker, we guess.
  26. deals
    NBCU Worth More Than Anyone ThoughtIt’s because of E!
  27. deals
    G.E. Reaches Deal to Buy All of NBC So it Can Turn Around and Sell ItIt only cost them $5.8 billion.
  28. honchos
    Zucker Will Remain Head of New NBCSeems like a sound business decision!
  29. money
    NBCU Worth $30 Billion to ComcastGE and Comcast have agreed that a joint venture between NBC Universal and Comcast would be worth $30 billion.
  30. deals
    NBC-Comcast Deal ‘Close’An announcement could come next week, says the ‘Times.’
  31. jeff zucker
    Comcast ‘Leaning Toward’ Keeping Jeff Zucker if They Buy NBCBen Silverman, Leno at 10pm and the death of ‘Southland’ notwithstanding.