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Comedians You Should Know 2021

  1. comedians you should know
    Jeff Wright Is Always Going to Shoot His Shot“Having a vision in my head, making it, then putting it out into the world makes me proud.”
  2. comedians you should know
    Jes Tom: Twitter’s Favorite (Unintentional) Public-Facing Pervert“If you want to be an ally so bad, give me a comedy special.”
  3. comedians you should know
    Sam Taggart Just Wants a Casual Hang With Steve MartinIt would be super chill and normal, no big deal at all.
  4. comedians you should know
    Brian Simpson Is the Life of the Goddamn Party“Best comedy advice: ‘There’s no wrong in writing, so always write.’”
  5. comedians you should know
    Rachel Sennott Dreams of Her Spaghetti-Covered Playboy Moment“I think instead of tweeting rude shit about you people should have to write you a letter.”
  6. comedians you should know
    Nori Reed Yearns for More Ugly People on Television“I want to see rashes, bald spots, giant moles, weird feet, psychotic elbows.”
  7. comedians you should know
    Please Don’t Destroy: Just a House Full o’ Boys“Logline: ‘Hijinks and hilarity ensue when three roomies become unlikely housemates.’”
  8. comedians you should know
    Hannah Pilkes the Joyful, Ridiculous Muppet“The less I tried to fit in everywhere, the more I found community and the more I made my own imprint.”
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    She’s Bubbly, She’s Spicy, She’s Danielle Perez“I think the wildest thing I did during COVID is get just a little bit of self-respect.”
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    All Hail the Scam Goddess Laci Mosley“Robbery really resonates with people, and it’s taken me to some dope places and introduced me to some amazing people pretty fast.”
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    Kenice Mobley Wants to Create More Spaces for Comedy Weirdos“But for increasingly larger audiences and paychecks.”
  12. comedians you should know
    Everybody’s Saying Grace Kuhlenschmidt Should Star in a Movie“I think that would be really cool and I actually think I would be really, reallllly good at it.”
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    Josh Johnson Wants to Become the Kanye of Comedy“I truly believe some of the best comedians we’ve ever seen are still on the way.”
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    James Austin Johnson’s Trump Brings All the Boys to the YardWait until they get a load of his Ed Begley Jr.
  15. comedians you should know
    Jamel Johnson the Effortless Crusher“I didn’t think I was going to make it at all, but I knew I couldn’t stop.”
  16. comedians you should know
    Jared Goldstein Smartly Followed Joan Rivers’s Advice“Growing up, I thought I just liked comedians. I also thought I just liked my friend Daniel.”
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    Chris Estrada Doesn’t Think Stand-Up Has to Be ProfoundHe does think you should wipe before doing it, though.
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    Rosebud Baker Just Wants a Karaoke Date With Justin Bieber“Like a boys’ hang but with a grown woman.”
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    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2021These are the 22 comics who industry insiders predict will be the superstars of tomorrow.