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Comedians You Should Know

  1. comedians you should know
    Jenny Yang Cares a Lot About Social Justice and Also FoodThe self-described “gamer comedian” talks virtual comedy shows and highlighting the issues she cares about.
  2. comedians you should know
    Ricky Velez Will Be UndeniableThe stand-up talks touring with big-name comedians and getting heckled by a cow.
  3. comedians you should know
    Taylor Tomlinson Just Wants to Get Onstage Again“I got my period early and now I’m a comedian; those things are probably connected.”
  4. comedians you should know
    Blair Socci Is an All-Powerful WitchThe comedian talks quarantine and her dream to be the next Bill Murray.
  5. comedians you should know
    Christina Catherine Martinez Prods the Bog of ConsciousnessThe part-comedian, part-critic talks starting out in comedy and her earliest childhood memory.
  6. comedians you should know
    All of Alyssa Limperis’s Characters Are Losing Their MindsThe comedian talks processing loss through her work and the best advice she ever got.
  7. comedians you should know
    Jeremy Levick and Rajat Suresh Are Comedy’s Cutest Couple“I love seeing Rajat every day. When quarantine ends, I hope I continue to see Rajat every day.”
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    Yassir Lester Never Needed Your Validation“I think that performers are finally waking up to the idea that they are in control of how they reach their audience.”
  9. comedians you should know
    If You Can’t Write a Good Joke, Jay Jurden Isn’t Listening“I say that both to be silly and catty.”
  10. comedians you should know
    Joyelle Nicole Johnson Is an Abortion Rights StanThe stand-up talks quarantine and comedy’s role in her activism.
  11. comedians you should know
    Robby Hoffman Gives the Best Advice“Before you go off that I’m completely unqualified, I have a business degree from McGill University, it’s not nothing!”
  12. comedians you should know
    Caleb Hearon No Longer Has a Backup PlanThe comedian talks online versus live comedy and his alternate life as a youth pastor.
  13. comedians you should know
    Ziwe Fumudoh’s Comedy Is Iconic, FolksThe comedian talks Instagram, quarantine, and the worst advice she ever got.
  14. comedians you should know
    For Chris Fleming, No Good Idea Is Too Absurd“I’m still very much alone making things, terrified that people won’t relate to them.”
  15. comedians you should know
    Jordan Firstman Is Chasing the Light“I’d like to see more positivity, more depth, more joy, more fun. More things that connect people.”
  16. comedians you should know
    Sarah Cooper Knows How to Turn a Dream Into a BusinessThe comedian talks writing, TikTok, and her upcoming Netflix special.
  17. comedians you should know
    Karen Chee’s Favorite Quarantine Comedian Is Her MomThe comedian talks writing for Late Night and finding joy during times of terror.
  18. comedians you should know
    You Can’t Put Quinta Brunson in a Box“I’m proud of myself and happy with myself and not a lunatic stuck in one phase.”
  19. comedians you should know
    Mary Beth Barone Is Looking Forward to (Metaphorically) Showering AgainThe stand-up talks comedy, quarantine, and livestreaming from her bathtub.
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    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2020These are the 20 comics who industry insiders expect to break out soon.