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  1. coronavirus
    Here’s How Comedy Clubs Are Dealing With CoronavirusSome are closing, while others are scrubbing half-sold rooms.
  2. stand-up
    17 Comedy Bookers on Whether They’d Put Louis C.K. Onstage“If enough people can make money, he’s going to have a fantastic career.”
  3. The 15 Best Comedy Clubs in North America In partnership with Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance program. For the last four decades, live standup has defined itself in […]
  4. Check Out ‘Vanity Fair’s Oral History of the Comedy CellarVanity Fair has a great new oral history out today of the Comedy Cellar, and it’s full of fun looks back on the legendary New York comedy club […]
  5. A New Upstate NY Comedy Club Will Feature Creepy Holograms of Dead […]Here’s some creepy news: According to The New York Times, a new comedy club will open in Jamestown, New York next year called the National […]
  6. Robin Williams Really Likes Comedy Clubs “It’s like Lenny Bruce the home game,” should be printed on every comedy clubs’ menu. “Excuse me, waitress. I do not feel like buying a […]