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    Marc Maron at the End of the WorldIn End Times Fun, an amazing stand-up comedian does his version of the Book of Revelation.
  2. comedy review
    Pete Davidson’s New Comedy Special Is Alive, BarelyAlive From New York is proof the SNL star is still a comedian and not a punch line. It’s too bad it still feels like a rough draft.
  3. performance
    Put a Mustache on It: Working Out the Genre-Bending in NateTwo critics try to get at the core of Natalie Palamides’s comedy-theater-clowning-drag hybrid.
  4. comedy review
    For Maria Bamford, Weakness Is GreatnessIn her new special, the comedian refuses to slice away at others without also turning the knife back on herself.
  5. comedy review
    Leslie Jones, Ebullient Time TravelerIn her Netflix special, the SNL alum makes a careful performance feel wildly combustible.
  6. comedy review
    Why Did John Mulaney Make a Children’s TV Special?In his new Netflix special, the comedian is his truest self.
  7. comedy review
    Michelle Wolf Plays the ClassicsIn Joke Show, Wolf takes familiar premises and chips away at them until she creates something legitimately new.
  8. comedy review
    The New One Buries Mike Birbiglia, and It Will Bury You, TooThe comedian’s new special is a gorgeous longform piece of storytelling. It’s also very funny.
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    In Lobby Baby, Seth Meyers Transforms Into His Truest Self: Consummate Wife GuyVisually and narratively, the Netflix special makes the late-night host a sidekick in his own life.
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    In Stage Fright, Jenny Slate Shows Us HerselfThe comedian gets personal in her new Netflix special.
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    The Great Depresh Is Proof That Comedy Doesn’t Have to WoundGary Gulman’s HBO special is equally happy, sad, dark, and hilarious.
  12. comedy review
    Dave Chappelle Hopes You’re OffendedIn his Broadway show and Netflix special, the comedian aligns with perspectives of the powerful.
  13. comedy review
    Julio Torres’s My Favorite Shapes Will Change the Way You See a Happy Meal ToyThe SNL writer shows off his unwavering commitment to the bit in his new HBO special.
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    Anthony Jeselnik Uses His New Netflix Special to Punch Himself in the FaceSliding between two truths is a virtuosic skill, and Jeselnik is a master.
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    Review: Onstage, Jerry Seinfeld Shows He’s the Anti-LouieKicking off his five-borough stand-up tour, his family-man whines were funny in a sepia-toned throwback kind of way.