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  1. clickhole
    The Garbage Man SpeaksNearly five years later, the writer of one of ClickHole’s greatest hits reveals himself.
  2. The Writers’ Room: A Documentary, by Matt Corluka Imagine a place with the musical genius of Jared Leto and the geological wonder of the La Brea Tar Pits. Two conflicting entities: One sucks […]
  3. I Used Funny or Die’s Pitch App for a Month, and This Is What It Was LikeI touched the olive-colored olive icon and was in: Pitch, the invite-only joke-writing app developed by Funny or Die. It was the first day of […]
  4. ‘SNL’s Weekend Update Is No Longer Accepting Freelance Joke SubmissionsBad news for joke writers: We’ve learned that starting this season, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update is no longer accepting freelance joke […]
  5. Inside James Taylor Johnston’s ‘Stinker Lets Loose!’ with Mike Sacks Author Mike Sacks is reviving a lost genre with his new book Stinker Lets Loose! Sacks, who has penned five popular comedy books, including […]
  6. How Improv Helps Television’s Best Comedy WritersThe best comedy lives in the moment, and improvisation is as in-the-moment as it gets. Improv proves you can create great comedy on the spot by […]
  7. The ‘NBC Playground’ Contest Couldn’t Find Any Ideas Outside of New York, […]Remember when NBC announced its new “grassroots” talent initiative NBC Playground last year in hopes to – in the words of the network – find […]
  8. Bob Odenkirk’s Advice to Aspiring Comedy Writers: ‘Don’t Ever Look at […]“But I honestly would tell anyone young to start looking at stories and learning story, because I think that’s the next step after people go, […]
  9. NBC Reaches Out to Aspiring TV Writers in New ‘Comedy Playground’ […]NBC is looking to develop brand new talent through a new initiative they’re calling the “Comedy Playground.” Starting on May 1st, the […]
  10. ‘Seinfeld’ Writer/Producer Peter Mehlman Gives TV Writing Advice“Laughter is such a strong spice, it’s hard to taste anything else. If you write something funny enough, you can get away with murder.” - […]
  11. What’s Every Former ‘Kids in the Hall’ Writer Up To Now?“I got that one from the kids in the hall.”–Sid Caesar, blaming his writers whenever a joke would bomb It’s taken me many years to wrap my […]
  12. Things to Consider When Submitting to Write For a Late Night ShowThis piece was originally published on SaraSchaefer.com. It’s republished here with permission. This past fall, I had the amazing privilege of […]
  13. Listen to a Young Johnny Carson Explain Humor WritingFor his senior thesis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Johnny Carson created an audio program that explained how to write comedy for […]
  14. Talking to Molly McNearney, the Co-Head Writer of Jimmy Kimmel LiveOne of the most hot button issues in comedy right now is the lack of women writing for late night. Molly McNearney is the only woman who […]
  15. The Dan Harmon School of Comedy WritingSo you love Community, not just because it’s funny but because it’s impressively written. It seems each half-hour episode packs in a movie’s […]
  16. Partners in Love and Comedy WritingFor nearly five years, despite the pleas of common sense, I’ve engaged in a steamy office romance. But it’s not what you think. There aren’t […]
  17. Weekend Update Writer/Producer Doug Abeles on Making It as a Comedy WriterGawker.tv has a great interview with SNL Weekend Update writer/producer Doug Abeles that covers everything from getting started in the comedy […]