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  1. last night on late night
    Jack Antonoff Didn’t Care for All Your Little Quarantine Hobbies“There’s a culture of people who make sourdough. And when the pandemic hit, how do they feel?”
  2. vulture bets on berry
    Why Hasn’t Matt Berry Hosted a Celebrity Cruise Yet?As summer approaches, it’s time for Mr. Berry to take us all to the sea.
  3. dave chappelle
    Dave Chappelle’s New Documentary Will Close Out the Tribeca Film FestivalRadio City Music Hall will open its doors for the first time since the pandemic for the event.
  4. underrated
    A Shout-Out to Coach Beard and Brendan Hunt, the Quiet Hero of Ted LassoAshley Nicole Black of A Black Lady Sketch Show breaks down his greatness.
  5. last night on late night
    Lil Nas X Exposes the Details of His SNL Wardrobe Malfunction“If you listen closely, you can probably hear the rip.”
  6. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Takes a Chance on Up-and-Coming Comedian Dave GrohlThe new kid’s got a lot of talent.
  7. last night on late night
    Watch The Daily Show’s Vaccine Swag RoundupFree mediocre fries? Where do I sign up?
  8. comedy
    Colbert to Welcome a Full, Vaccinated Audience in JuneThe Ed Sullivan Theater will once again be full.
  9. last night on late night
    John Oliver Can Summon George Clooney With the Snap of His Fingers“I gave you that power in a limited capacity.”
  10. interviews
    Andrew Yang Says His Favorite Subway Station Is Times Square in Ziwe InterviewHe also names his four favorite billionaires. Does your No. 1 make the list?!
  11. overnights
    SNL Recap: Anya Taylor-Joy and Cast Quit the COVID Year, with PrideThe Queen’s Gambit star helps SNL celebrate, and then move past, a long, strange pandemic season.
  12. brawr
    Aidy Bryant and Anya Taylor-Joy Will Feel You Up and Sell You a Big Ol’ Brawr“Are your watermelon-sized bosoms doing the most?”
  13. legends only
    Lil Nas X Served Sex and Comedy When He Ripped His Pants on SNLAnd it only made us love him more. Funny is sexy!
  14. snl
    This Better Not Mean Cecily Strong Is Leaving SNLThis “Weekend Update” sketch has us sobbing into our boxed wine.
  15. cut for time
    Each Queen’s Gambit Parody Is Worse Than the Last in This Cut-for-Time SNL Skit“The world ended and we kept doing our skits.”
  16. snl
    Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals Her Chess Secrets in SNL MonologueIt’s easier than you think.
  17. snl
    The SNL Cast Looks Back On the Past Year in This Week’s Cold Open“We went from doing very weird shows at home to terrifying shows in person.”
  18. let’s get ready to rumble
    Ziwe Baits Andrew Yang Into an InterviewHas he … seen the show?
  19. comedy
    Bo Burnham Made a New Special Alone in His HouseInside will premiere on Netflix May 30.
  20. jokes
    What I Learned After My Joke About Israel-Palestine Went ViralComedian Sammy Obeid has performed material about the conflict for years. Now, more people are listening.
  21. remembrances
    Sandra Bernhard Reflects on Her Friendship With Paul Mooney“When he walked onstage, no matter where you were in the club — in the hallway smoking, drinking — you’d stop and walk in and watch Paul.”
  22. this week in late night
    Obama’s UFO Talk Won Late Night This WeekPlus apologies from Patti Harrison and Wally the cue-card guy.
  23. origin stories
    How a Bookstore Became the Unlikely Birthplace of Alt-ComedyIn the 1990s, a group of misfit comedians who didn’t fit in at clubs created their own.
  24. snl
    Lil Nas X and Anya Taylor-Joy Promise You Best SNL Episode of the SeasonNot sure how they’re going to best the Titanic iceberg, but we’re excited to find out.
  25. fall tv
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season to Premiere After the OlympicsBut don’t expect any NBC comedies this fall.
  26. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Sara Schaefer’s Haha HoleRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  27. last night on late night
    Patti Harrison Apologizes to Bisexual People Who Love Nilla Wafers“It was probably really painful to read that your favorite cookie hates you and doesn’t want your business.”
  28. last night on late night
    In Praise of Jimmy Fallon’s Joe Biden ImpressionNo one else even approaches the appropriate levels of rasp.
  29. last night on late night
    Watch Seth Meyers Renarrate Planet Earth II’s Best SceneWho could forget Iguana vs. Snakes?
  30. last night on late night
    Conan Does One Last ‘Clueless Gamer’ With JB SmooveOne last chance for Conan to look like a n00b.
  31. they’re still there for you
    The One Where We Find Ourselves Weeping at the Friends Reunion TrailerComing on May 27.
  32. legends
    Dave Chappelle, the Lucas Bros, and More Pay Tribute to Paul Mooney“One of the greatest to ever do it.”
  33. rip
    Paul Mooney, Trailblazing Comedian and Writer, Is Dead at 79After suffering a heart attack at his home.
  34. stand-up
    Rory Scovel Made a Fully Improvised Stand-up Special for YouLive Without Fear premieres on June 24.
  35. heroes
    The Awkward, Hostile, and Hilarious Late-Night Appearances of Charles GrodinWhether you rooted for or against him, chances were you’d be talking about him the morning after.
  36. obits
    Charles Grodin, Actor and Late-Night Staple, Has Died at 86He was known for his roles in The Great Muppet Caper, Beethoven, and more.
  37. comedy
    Steve Martin Shares Funny Selena Gomez ClipIt’s a teaser for their new series, Only Murders in the Building.
  38. psa
    Feeling Like Your Life Has No Meaning? Consider Comedy!But first, prepare yourself with this PSA from stand-up Sara Schaefer.
  39. renewals
    Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Renewed for 5 More YearsBusy guy stays busy.
  40. comedy festivals
    Ramy Youssef Reflects on Performing at First Palestinian Comedy Festival“i wanna be able to get heckled in gaza.”
  41. last night on late night
    John Oliver Has No Problem Accusing Israel of ‘War Crimes’“There is a massive imbalance when it comes to the two sides’ weaponry and capabilities.”
  42. do better
    iCarly Revival Defends New Star Laci Mosley From Racist AttacksRacist fans are having a hard time seeing the brighter side of every situation.
  43. snl
    SNL Excited to Find Out How Low You and Your Post-COVID Standards Will Go“They’re either here for Comic-Con or the porn-producers reunion.”
  44. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Keegan-Michael Key Delivers a Muppet BeatdownThe show gives the sketch-comedy king too few opportunities to play to his strengths, but he makes the most of what he gets.
  45. snl
    Muppet Show Security Finally Does Something About Waldorf and Statler on SNL“We don’t give a hot damn about the show. We work for the venue.”
  46. snl
    Give Heidi Gardner an Emmy for SNL’s Last Dance ParodyPaired with Keegan-Michael Key as Michael Jordan, it’s a tour de force.
  47. snl
    Dr. Fauci and the CDC Players Present ‘No More Masks’ in SNL Cold OpenThe new rules about mask usage are confusing, but they’re here to help, king.
  48. snl
    Keegan-Michael Key Does ‘Every Single SNL Thing’ in His Monologue“I am so honored to be here, and because of that, I am going to make the most of it.”
  49. follow friday
    Danielle Perez Introduces Us to Darla the DeerWe talked shop with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  50. stand-up
    Why Comedian Peng Dang Posted That Racist Tony Hinchcliffe Video“It’s tough, but sometimes you’ve got to stand up for yourself. You’ve got to push back.”
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