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  1. comic book movies
    Robert De Niro in Talks to Join DC Universe for Joker MovieYou’re good, you.
  2. ant man and the wasp
    I Have Some Questions About the Ants in Ant-Man and the WaspAnts perform all manner of tasks for the titular superhero. How are they compensated?
  3. deadpool 2
    Do You Need to See the First Deadpool to Enjoy Deadpool 2?A spoiler-free explainer.
  4. avengers infinity war
    Avengers: Infinity War’s Facial Hair, RankedThere are good guys and bad guys and Infinity Stones, but this is really a movie about facial hair.
  5. avengers infinity war
    Good News, That Character You Were Worried About Survived Infinity WarAt a recent appearance, co-director Joe Russo revealed that one fan-favorite did indeed survive.
  6. comic-book movies
    Our 9 Biggest Questions About Avengers: Infinity WarHow does this connect to Captain Marvel? And more importantly, what happened to Korg?
  7. comic-book movies
    The Walking Dead Connection You Might Have Missed in Infinity WarTWD’s Ross Marquand pops up in a surprising place in the latest Avengers film.
  8. comic book movies
    Who’s the Arrested Development Character That Pops Up in Infinity War?It’s …
  9. Watch People Try to Recap Every Marvel Movie“Chris Evans is skinny, and then Chris Evans … isn’t.”
  10. marvel cinematic universe
    A Simple Quiz: Has This Actor Ever Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?We’ll give you 30 actors. You tell us if they’ve been in a Marvel movie.
  11. avengers infinity war
    How Many Marvel Movies Do I Have to See Before Infinity War?Which of the 18 films in the MCU do you need to have seen to understand Infinity War?
  12. dc extended universe
    DC Finally Decided on Its Harley Quinn Movie, and Cathy Yan Will Direct ItYan would be the second woman to direct a DC movie, and the first Asian-American woman to direct a comic-book movie.
  13. comic-book movies
    Blumhouse Is Adapting John Ridley’s Black Superhero Comic The American WayRidley will be writing and directing the adaptation of his comic mini-series.
  14. comic book movies
    Halle Berry Wants You to Put Some Respect on Catwoman!Catwoman bombed so Black Panther could soar … or something.
  15. movies
    Batgirl Replaces Joss Whedon With Bumblebee ScreenwriterWhedon left the project because he said he couldn’t come up with a story.
  16. bollywood
    Archie Comics Is Making a Bollywood Movie, Continuing Its World DominationThe film will reimagine the series with an all-Indian cast.
  17. black panther
    Minor Characters in Black Panther, RankedIt’s time for the supporting players to get some shine.
  18. movies
    Here Are Shuri’s Best Black Panther One-Liners“Great! Another broken white boy for us to fix!”
  19. explainers
    A Brief History of Wakanda, Black Panther’s Fictional UtopiaThe history and politics of this fictional kingdom, explained.
  20. comic book movies
    Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish Are Teaming Up in The KitchenThe drama is based on a comic book.
  21. justice league
    What the Hell Is Going On With Henry Cavill’s Mustache in Justice League?Warner Bros. had to remove Henry Cavill’s MI:6 mustache from the Justice League reshoots, and the results are not good.
  22. kimmel komix
    J.J. Abrams Brings Jimmy Kimmel’s Teen Comic Book to Life With Absurd TrailerStarring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Billy Crudup, Jennifer Aniston, and more.
  23. first looks
    David Harbour Is Super Swoll and Super Red in First Image of HellboyThis demon spawn is showing his more serious side.
  24. good ideas
    Daniel Dae Kim Will Un-Whitewash Ed Skrein’s Role in the Hellboy RemakeKim will play Major Ben Daimio, a soldier who can turn into a jaguar.
  25. send doll pics
    Just How Thirsty Is DC to Get Leonardo DiCaprio to Play the Joker?Warner Bros. has Scorsese, but who else will the studio recruit to woo Leonardo DiCaprio?
  26. Spawn Won’t Be the Main Character in Todd McFarlane’s New Spawn Movie▶️ The upcoming film, produced by Blumhouse, will be more of a horror movie than a superhero one.
  27. trailer mix
    Watch the Newest Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and Bow Before Cate BlanchettBlanchett plays Hela, the new villainess who’ll make Thor’s life miserable.
  28. Michelle Pfeiffer Will Play Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the WaspThe former Selina Kyle returns to superhero movies.
  29. scripts
    Ben Affleck’s Batman Replacement Is Also Replacing Ben Affleck’s Batman ScriptSo don’t expect a movie in which Batman personally defends Tom Brady’s honor, a scene that Affleck would definitely write.
  30. Is Tony Stark the Real Villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming?He’s got great power, but he’s not teaching responsibility.
  31. chat room
    Seth Rogen on the Insanity of Preacher and the Problem With Comic-Book Movies“With Preacher, there’s a lot of shit that we’d have a really hard time getting into a movie.”
  32. gina prince-bythewood
    After Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins, Gina Prince-Bythewood Is NextThe Love & Basketball director is taking on the Spider-Man film Silver and Black, and she couldn’t be more ready.
  33. How Wonder Woman Brought Color Back to the DC UniverseIt all began with … a photo of James Blunt?
  34. Wonder Woman Is Looking Like a Hit. Here’s What That Would Mean for Hollywood.Wonder Woman has a chance at the highest-ever opening for a live-action female-directed film.
  35. movie review
    Movie Review: Wonder Woman Is a Star Turn for Gal GadotBut the rest is pretty clunky.
  36. movies
    Lebanon Bans Wonder Woman Because Gal Gadot Is IsraeliAbout two hours before the movie played, the Lebanese government reportedly yanked the film.
  37. spider-shade
    Kirsten Dunst States an Objectively True Fact: ‘Everyone Likes Our Spider-Man“Listen, I’d rather be in the first ones than the new ones.”
  38. A Contrarian’s Take: Baby Groot Is BadFirst the cuteness is endearing; then it’s numbing; eventually it’s just tedious.
  39. guardians of the galaxy vol 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cinematographer on How Chris Pratt Changed the EndingThe hardest one to shoot will surprise you.
  40. comic book movies
    Why Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Ends on That CharacterAs director James Gunn explains, it caps off the movie’s most touching emotional arc.
  41. guardians of the galaxy vol 2
    How Marvel Got Sylvester Stallone (and Those Secret Stars) to Join Guardians 2“It was just a fun thing we asked him to come to, with the thought of, Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do more down the line?”
  42. comic book movies
    After Signing Two Indie Directors, What’s the MCU’s Plan for Captain Marvel?“It ultimately needs to be about the three-dimensional, multilayered Carol Danvers character.”
  43. marvel cinematic universe
    Let Kevin Feige Get You Even More Hyped for Black Panther“Both in front of and behind the camera, it’s almost entirely people of color.”
  44. movie review
    Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Is the Movie Version of Fast FoodThere are moments of fun, but the vibe is mostly corporate.
  45. shirtless men
    Chris Pratt Has Complicated Thoughts on Being Objectified“My kids can go to college because I’m an object.”
  46. marvel cinematic universe
    Captain Marvel Finds Its Directors, and One of Them Is FemaleThe duo was behind Half Nelson, which earned Ryan Gosling his first Oscar nomination.
  47. comic book movies
    Good News: Marvel’s Commitment to Gratuitous Shirtless Scenes Is Alive and WellWhen Marvel shells out to get its actors into superhero shape, the results always end up on the screen.
  48. comic-book movies
    You’re Not Ready for Black Panther’s Stunning New Spin on Superhero MoviesFrom its cinematographer to its cast, Black Panther doesn’t look like any of the other Marvel movies.
  49. Marvel Dropped Some Juicy Reveals About Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and the WaspNew concept art reveals potential details from two of Marvel’s most anticipated films.
  50. vulture on vulture
    Michael Keaton’s Vulture Will Run a Salvaging Company in Spider-Man: HomecomingDirector Jon Watts wanted to make Michel Keaton’s Vulture a blue-collar guy.
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