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Comic Con 2013

  1. encounter
    Navigating Deep Geekdom at Comic Con With Scott Aukerman“I love seeing the outcasts of society all bonding ­together.”
  2. comic-con 2013
    History: Batman and Superman — Partners, Fighters, Bed SharersThe Man of Steel sequel will feature DC Comic’s most prominent superheroes. They’ve met many times before.
  3. chat room
    Andrew Garfield on Spidey and Michael B. Jordan“Sean from The Bachelor … If I met him, I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Sean Lowe!’”
  4. comic-con 2013
    The Best and Worst of Comic-Con 2013Featuring Tom Hiddleston, Doctor Who, and some awesome videos.
  5. party chat
    Why E.L. James Picked Her Fifty Shades DirectorHow the team picked Sam Taylor-Johnson.
  6. crossover episodes
    A Simpsons-Futurama Crossover Episode Is Coming in 2014It’s Bart vs. Bender!
  7. comic-con 2013
    Dan Harmon on the Pressure of Community Season 5“We have to get back to the emotional basics.”
  8. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Live-Blogging the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary TrailerRose! A sonic screwdriver-off! Rose! Daaaaaaavid Tennaaaaaaant!Did we mention Rose?
  9. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Bryan Cranston Makes Out With HimselfAlso: Vince Gilligan and the cast recall the show’s most improbable moments.
  10. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Ian McKellen Flirts With Fassbender It’s Magneto-on-Magneto action!
  11. True Blood Showrunner on Changes to Next SeasonHe wants to rein it in.
  12. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: The Avengers Sequel Is Age of UltronWhat was the Guardians of the Galaxy footage like?
  13. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Nude Fight Scenes Aren’t Easy, Says Katee Sackhoff“I just met the crew,” said Sackhoff, “and I was like, ‘Here is my vageene.’”
  14. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: HIMYM to Spend Entire Episode on Slap“Slapsgiving III: Slappointment in Slapmara.”
  15. comic-con 2013
    Sexy, Snotty Kisses and a Catching Fire TrailerJennifer Lawrence: “Do you remember when I hit myself in the face so hard with my bow that I flew backwards?”
  16. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: The Man of Steel Sequel Will Also Star BatmanZack Snyder will direct again.
  17. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Cobie Smulders Is Playing Wonder Woman! In a Movie! Sort Of.In The Lego Movie, at least.
  18. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Godzilla Panel Reveals Trailer, Bryan Cranston’s PackageCranston’s crotch: Also nicknamed “Godzilla”!
  19. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Bates Motel’s Farmiga Defends Norma“She is the mother of a child with mental issues.”
  20. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Andrew Garfield Went Totally Method at the Spider-Man PanelHe dressed in costume and stayed in character.
  21. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Martin’s Thrones Prequel SpeculationAlso, post-game chat about the Red Wedding and Charles Dance’s shoulder rubs.
  22. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: 5 Tidbits From the Walking Dead Panel“Things are definitely gonna be way crazier, the situation is worse, people are getting more ragged.”
  23. comic-con 2013
    Vin Diesel Will Definitely Be in a Marvel Movie — But Which One?He also plays a lot of D&D.
  24. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: 10 Revelations From the Veronica Mars PanelOn hand were creator Rob Thomas as well as Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Chris Lowell, Tina Majorino, and the rest of the regular cast.
  25. comic-con 2013
    Are Comic-Con’s Top Directors Souring on 3-D?“I hate 3-D,” moans Alfonso Cuarón … whose next movie is coming out in the format.
  26. comic-con 2013
    Anderson Wishes Mulder & Scully Got It on SoonerShe says they shot a sex scene. It just never aired.
  27. comic-con 2013
    Two Dumb Han Solo Questions for Harrison FordTwo Comic-Conners asked him these questions so you don’t have to. Ever again.
  28. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Fresh Intel About the Third Season of SherlockSherlock: “I’m… your… best friend.” John: “Of course you are.” Awwwww.
  29. comic-con 2013
    Gay Controversy at Comic-Con Ender’s Game PanelHow did producers handle the homophobic statements of Orson Scott Card?
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    Shailene Woodley and Theo James Sort Each OtherThe stars talk about Divergent and Jennifer Lawrence.
  31. ya corner
    What You Need to Know About Divergent, the New Hunger GamesJoin us in the YA corner.
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    The Eleven Comic-Con Panels We’re Most Excited AboutVeronica Mars! Catching Fire! The Walking Dead!
  33. exclusive
    We Know Who the Secret Characters Are in X-Men: Days of Future PastAs well as previously unrevealed details from the film’s plot.
  34. comic-con 2013
    If You Didn’t Buy Your Comic-Con Tickets Yet, You’re Too LateThey were gone in 93 minutes.