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  1. There Will Be a Second ‘Community’ Convention This YearIn February, fans held the first-ever CommuniCon, a convention for the sitcom Community, at a community college in Los Angeles. Even though it […]
  2. Watch Dan Harmon’s Speech at the ‘Community’ Convention Dan Harmon is still really, really good at talking about himself.
  3. Dan Harmon Addresses Fans at Communicon, the First-Ever ‘Community’ […]“For two seasons, we wanted to do an episode where Jeff Winger pretended there was a class called “Nicolas Cage Appreciation,” and then the […]
  4. Get Your Tickets Tonight to the ‘Community’ ConventionCommuniCon, the world’s first convention for fans of the NBC sitcom Community is set to take place February 9th and 10th in Los Angeles, but […]
  5. CommuniCon Will Be the World’s First ‘Community’ Convention Even though the internet is basically one giant 24/7 Community convention at this point, fans of the cult hit NBC sitcom are banding together […]