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Compare And Contrast

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    All the Ways Netflix’s The End of the F***ing World Is Different From the ComicThe Netflix show is much more pessimistic and bloody.
  2. compare and contrast
    All the Ways Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Is Different From the BookYour guide to the story’s key details and how they’ve changed.
  3. compare and contrast
    16 Key Changes Between The Girl on the Train Book and MovieIt’s in America, for one.
  4. compare and contrast
    Comparing Tony Goldwyn’s Fake Leadership SkillsTony Goldwyn sure does a lot of government work.
  5. compare and contrast
    What Got Left Out of the Divergent Movie, and How Much It MatteredLet’s get down to it.
  6. compare and contrast
    Scandinavian Version of The Bridge Added to HuluAs of January 14.
  7. compare and contrast
    What Changed in the Catching Fire Movie, and How Much It MatteredFor the close readers.
  8. compare and contrast
    Can Julian Fellowes’s Titanic Fill the Downton Abbey Void?Downton on a boat!
  9. compare and contrast
    What Got Left Out of The Hunger Games Movie, and How Much It MatteredWhere were the book’s Avoxes? And the lamb stew?
  10. compare and contrast
    How Do Terra Nova’s Dinosaurs Compare to Jurassic Park’s?Even after all that time and money, they’re not that different.
  11. compare and contrast
    Compare Wilfred to the Australian OriginalIt’s really different.
  12. compare and contrast
    Community and 30 Rock: Battle of the Clip ShowsFlashbacks and montages have never been so insidery!
  13. compare and contrast
    Where Are They Now? Comparing the Friday Night Lights Characters to Their New RolesIn case you’re not ready to say good-bye.
  14. compare and contrast
    Can the New Upstairs Downstairs Fill the Downton Abbey Void?Well, there is a saucy grandmother.
  15. mouse-eating lizard people
    So, How Does the New Lizard Undercarriage on V Stack Up to the Original?You make the call!