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  1. complaints
    Legal Complaints Filed Over Alamo Drafthouse Female-Only Wonder Woman ScreeningsAn Austin spokeswoman has said multiple people have filed discrimination complaints over the theater’s screenings.
  2. Read a Bunch of Hilarious Recent FCC Complaints About ‘Saturday Night Live’These days, most SNL fans and haters go the internet route to voice their complaints about the show, but there are still plenty of people who […]
  3. Here Are a Bunch of FCC Complaints About ‘The Simpsons’The website Government Attic obtained a list of indecency complaints the FCC has received from viewers about The Simpsons from 2010 to 2013, […]
  4. streaming
    So Is Netflix Actually Cropping Movies or Not?Not on purpose. But it’s still a problem.
  5. Lodge All Complaints Here, by Matthew KlicksteinNo need to thank me. I’m just doing my job. My tireless, aggravating, hamster-wheel job. But, it’s a job nonetheless, and I’m happy to be […]
  6. complaints
    The Lebanese Government Is Not Enjoying HomelandAs in, they are vaguely threatening to sue.
  7. complaints
    Aaron Sorkin Is Sick of Girls Who Don’t Know How to High-FiveAnd some other things.
  8. tv
    Woman Leaves Furious Voice Mail Over Tornado Warning Interrupting Criminal Minds“I don’t care about that tornado; I don’t care about those people.”