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  1. compliments
    Every Nice Thing the Big Little Lies Cast Has Said About Meryl StreepA legend, a superhero, “the great one.”
  2. jeff goldblum
    Jeff Goldblum’s Co-stars Are Also Obsessed With His Voice“It’s the sound of the Pegasus in the last moments before it takes flight.”
  3. music
    Chris Martin: Rihanna’s Voice Like ‘Toothpaste’The Coldplay frontman certainly has a way with similes.
  4. compliments
    Charlize Theron Has Your New Self-Confidence Mantra“Take the compliment, bitch.”
  5. Charles Grodin Calls Louis C.K. ‘the Single Most Talented Person That I’ve […]Charles Grodin has been submitted as a guest comedy actor contender for this year’s Emmys for his role on Louie, so Deadline recently sat down […]
  6. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Compliments’ Banter is such a polarizing comedic art. To appreciate the humor in unremarkable conversation is to know the nuances of human interaction, […]
  7. compliments
    How Awkward. Succeeded Where MTV’s More Scandalous Series FailedMTV’s “girl with a blog” series is secretly its best scripted show.
  8. compliments
    In Praise of BonesYup, that’s what we said.
  9. compliments
    Blake Lively Makes Baz Luhrmann Believe in Eternal LifeRead the director’s full, effusive compliment.