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A Great Comedy Resource: the ‘Conan’ Writers’ Transitions List

If the Workaholics writers' board of terrible joke clichés is a solid resource for what phrases not to use as a writer or comedian, then the below so-called "transitions list" that Conan writer Laurie Kilmartin shared on Twitter earlier this [...]

By Megh Wright

Conan O’Brien and Jordan Schlansky Prepare for Their Trip to Italy

Last month, Conan O’Brien and his favorite coworker Jordan Schlansky headed to Italy to tape a new remote special, and while it doesn’t air on TBS for another two weeks, there’s still plenty of entertainment in O’Brien and Schlansky’s planning [...]

By Megh Wright

Gad Elmaleh Sings a Beautiful Song in Made-Up English on ‘Conan’

To promote his upcoming Netflix standup special, Gad Elmaleh stopped by last night’s Conan and shared a very unique talent he has: singing loungey, piano bar-style songs in completely made-up English gibberish. The result is extremely romantic [...]

By Megh Wright