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  1. Fact-Checking HBO’s ConfirmationHow close did the film come to accurately representing the hearings?
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    HBO’s Confirmation Is a Competent, But Unremarkable DocudramaIts proximity to the broadcast of FX’s The People vs. O.J. Simpson makes its undistinguished competence more irritating.
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    Wendell Pierce on Playing Clarence Thomas“Dirty laundry being aired — especially in the African-American community — is difficult to watch.”
  4. Your Guide to the Key Figures in HBO’s ConfirmationAnd where they are now.
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    Kerry Washington: Confirmation Isn’t Propaganda“There is this idea that I’m making the film for a political agenda.”
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    Blog Will Fact-check HBO’s Confirmationwww.nothanks.com
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    Rick Famuyiwa to Direct Kerry Washington for HBOHe’ll wear the white (director’s) hat.
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    It’s Handled: Kerry Washington Is Playing Anita HillShe’s starring in and producing Confirmation for HBO.